Welcome to the King Lower School in Stamford

Our Academics Set us Ahead

Childhood is a time of exploration, wonder, and discovery. At King School, we are committed to fostering meaningful learning experiences. Students are active collaborators in the learning process and engage with their environment to explore what they admire, question, and are naturally curious about. 

At King’s Lower School, we honor students’ ideas and creativity; we allow time for them to think, pause, and collaborate with their peers. In turn, they build essential foundational skills, become good listeners, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers.

Our Community Sets Us Apart

The Lower School prides itself on fostering an environment centered around King’s virtues of integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect. Beyond the classroom, students learn how to develop good character, become global citizens, and foster friendships with one another.

Our Graduates Set US Above

In the Lower School, students in Grades 4 and 5 benefit from an intentionally designed program that prepares them for greater academic, social, and emotional development in the following years. This approach positions our students as confident leaders of the Lower School while also exposing them to the content, skills, and transitional experiences that will prepare them for the challenges of Middle School.

With strong foundational skills and a sense of self-advocacy, our students chart their own path through Middle and Upper School and arrive confident, prepared, and ready to make an impact. 

“We created the Grade 4 probability carnival for the younger students. Even though they were having fun, we were actually teaching them math!”

— Gracie H., Lower School student

“King encourages me to follow my passions. I like STEM activities. We get to make our own objects that solve the problem that needs to be solved.”

— Varun B., Lower School student

“In Science, we were real inventors, creating our own inventions to help us solve a problem. In Math, we learned about economics by creating a marketplace and selling a product to our classmates.”

— Tim D., Lower School student

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Early Childhood

PreKindergarten and Kindergarten

King's young learners, starting at age 3, experience education as a path of discovery, understanding, wonder, and joy. These ideas are grounded in our project-based teaching and learning program. 


Elementary School

Grades 1-5

King's young children are encouraged to ask questions and make their own discoveries. King School’s Grade 1–5 program is an interactive, hands-on experience that nurtures a love of learning and working with others.


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Lower School in Action

Upper and Lower School Students Collaborate in Crossover Curriculum

To kick off the new year, upper school French teacher Denise Mihailoff and lower school teacher Helen Santoro teamed up for an opportunity to collaborate on curriculum across divisions. While upper school french students are researching the legacy of cultural heritage, Grade 5 students are learning about ancient civilizations, providing the students with a unique opportunity to make connections in one another’s learning. 

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Grade Five Students Explore the Connecticut Science Center

King School’s fifth grade class ventured off campus to the capital city of Hartford to explore the Connecticut Science Center, a museum that boasts over 165 hands-on exhibits for its visitors to experience. Among the exhibits that the class visited were Forces in Motion, Sight and Sound, Exploring Space, Invention Dimension, Sports Lab, and Mummies of the World, a traveling exhibit. 

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