Integrated STEM Curriculum

At King, all students are deeply immersed in the study of STEM throughout their elementary, middle and high school years. Faculty at King have examined how an integrated STEM curriculum can transcend the four distinct disciplines and take a more holistic approach to teaching and learning.

As part of offering a sophisticated, integrated STEM curriculum, the School has:

  • Established a rich array of science and computer science electives. The 15 US Computer Science and Digital Applications classes range from Mobile App Development and AP Computer Science to Filmmaking and Multimedia Design.
  • Instituted a more comprehensive, cross-divisional approach to mathematics instruction.
  • Increased space and technology to engage the creative aspects in the field of engineering.
  • Developed a specific set of competencies that students need to have in each discipline. These are built to support the three dimensions of learning of the Next Generation Science Standards: science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts.

High School students who elect to graduate with King's STEM Distinction pursue a variety of challenging coursework, club activities, project development and/or research opportunities. Along the path to Distinction, students will learn first-hand some of the skills that are regularly used by today's researchers and innovators.

Central to STEM for King is the interconnectedness of five disciplines - Digital Literacy, Science, Computer Science, Math, and Sustainability - among the various fields of study. As Dr. Victoria Khiznichenko, Chair of Math Department at King, pointed out, "good teaching means connecting all subjects." Khiznichenko continued, "It's not enough to just talk about the potential similarities between computer programming, science, and mathematics. We've continued to find ways to utilize skills across disciplines to better solve and address the problems facing our rapidly changing world.