Hiring Managers' Portal

Here you will find a step by step guideline on what steps hiring managers need to take in order to hire for an open position. This area will mainly focus on hiring faculty and staff roles. If you have any questions, please contact humanresources@kingschoolct.org.

Hiring forms

Step 1: Job Posting Request - Please fill out this form to build a position description for any non-coaching position.

Athletics please complete the Coaching Positions Job Posting Request for open Varsity and JV positions.

Step 2: Candidate Attributes Checklist Sample for Faculty  

Candidate Attributes Checklist Sample for Staff

Please use this template as guide to begin screening viable candidates.

Step 3. Schedule an in person/phone/Skype interview.

Step 4. Please use questions from the Faculty Interview Questions Bank and be sure to create one for each interview and share it in the "Hiring" Google folder under the appropriate job opening folder.

Sample Phone Interview questions.

Step 5. Candidate Feedback Form Sample - a form will be created for each candidate that is brought to campus and sent to all interviewees for feedback.


Initial steps to onboard a new hire

Please send Employment Application and Link to candidates only to candidates that we are seriously considering.

Employment Application

Reference Check, Background Check Policy, and Sample Interview Questions

Link to Barada Associates for online background check

Employee Benefits Overview




Hiring for Contractors/Consultants

Please send this link to any outside Contractor/Consultant/Tutor who will be on campus while students are present. Please instruct them to choose the "King School Contractor" option. Please provide the names of people receiving this form to humanresources@kingschoolct.org.

Link to Contractor Background Check Authorization