Health Services

The primary goal of Health Services is to provide a safe and welcoming environment that efficiently and effectively meets the health needs of King's students. Our Health Services program:

1. Ensures that each child enters the classroom in optimal health and is ready to learn

2. Provides health care to students, Staffulty, as they seek out services to address their growing physical and emotional health care needs, both acute and chronic. These services include:

  • Administering first aid and triage
  • Assisting with student compliance with requirements for immunizations and health status reports (ie physical exams)
  • Identifying health and safety risks
  • Dispensing medication as necessary
  • Providing ongoing emotional support and makes referrals as necessary
  • Encouraging infection control
  • Conducting mandated vision and hearing screening

3. Advances the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students.


Jennifer D'Orta, School Nurse

Phone: (203) 322-3496, Ext. 326


Location: LS Building

Emma Jonsson, Interim Director of Student Athlete Health Services

Katie Bryant, Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: (203) 322-3496, Ext. 378

Location: US Gym