Girls Thrive at King School

Thinking of private school for your daughter? Find out how girls thrive in a coed learning environment.

All-Girls School vs. Coed School

At King School, our premise is, “How can we best prepare our students, boys and girls, for the world beyond school, while ensuring a successful journey that addresses the individual needs for them to learn and grow?”

Our girls gain confidence, find their voice as well as their passions, thrive as scholars, and build long lasting relationships with teachers and friends. Teachers at King are not only experts in their subject areas; they know how adolescents learn and are committed to ensuring the intellectual, social and emotional success of our students.

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If you’re exploring a private school education, consider King School where your daughter will be inspired in a community that unites academic challenge, kindness, and personal growth.

King School has been helping girls and boys thrive for over 150 years. Learn more about our specific academic programs and how all students thrive at King:


Why Choose a Coed School for Your Daughter?

As you search for the ideal school for your daughter, consider the advantages for girls of attending a coed school.

Coed Learning Can Enhance Academic Learning

Learning with girls and boys exposes girls to different ways of thinking and varied experiences. In a coed environment, the skills girls learn in sharing, listening, and respecting multiple perspectives, enables them to debate, create, and become fearless learners and leaders.

Coed Environment Teaches Vital Life Skills

Learning with girls and boys teaches girls to feel comfortable with diversity, and promotes socialization and communication skills. Girls learn to interact as equals and to master the vital life skills needed to succeed in school and in the coed workforce.

Coed Learning Challenges Gender Stereotypes

In a coed environment, students interact with one another and with adult role models in multiple roles. As girls pursue their passions and strive to grow and compete as scientists, leaders, mathematicians, athletes, musicians, technologists, historians, and writers, girls of all ages can gain a more sophisticated and more flexible understanding of the broad, challenging roles that they can achieve.

How Do Girls Thrive at King School?

Girls at King School are invested in their learning; they lead projects, collaborate with teachers and classmates, and take pride in their accomplishments.

Girls at King School actively engage in their learning by leading projects, collaborating with teachers and classmates, and taking pride in achieving their goals. Girls gain the skills and self-confidence to explore their sense of self and their place in the world because they feel valued as part of a community that understands girls as individuals, fosters a growth mindset, challenges girls to pursue new opportunities, and celebrates girls’ accomplishments. 


At King, a thoughtfully designed, relevant curriculum that is offered within a nurturing community, provides girls with the opportunity to find their passions and achieve their goals. Girls and boys are encouraged to explore, make interesting observations, develop deeper mastery, and make long-lasting friendships. King girls can choose to pursue the additional rigorous coursework and capstone projects needed to graduate with a Certificate of Distinction in STEM, Global Studies, Leadership, World Languages, or Art and Design.


Girls proudly represent their teams and King School in a competitive athletics program designed as an essential component of each girl’s overall educational experience. Girls compete on a variety of high school Varsity and JV as well as middle school teams. Elementary school girls learn about team sports through a fun and challenging physical education program. As scholar-athletes and as leaders on the Captain’s Council, King girls embody the positive attributes of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and self-discipline.

The Girls Varsity Volleyball team has won the FAA championship and the NEPSAC Championship several times in the past five years . The Girls Varsity Softball team has also won multiple FAA championships.


Girls at King serve as leaders and active participants in a wide range of extracurricular activities in all divisions, including: Math Olympiad; Lego robotics; chess; Math Team; Math Teacher Assistants Club; Model UN; Girls Advancing in STEM; Robotics Club; Investment Club; Debate Team; Student Council; King Ambassadors; theater, music, and art performances; Yearbook Club; Photography Club; and numerous student-led service clubs and activities addressing causes ranging from homelessness and hunger to literacy and the environment.

College Preparation

Each student works with an experienced college counselor throughout a four-year developmental, student-centered program to discover the most competitive fit. Students are empowered to reflect on their passions, capabilities, and ambitions as they are guided by a college counselor to select their academic and activity program, create a standardized testing strategy, identify their college list, complete their applications, and make a thoughtful final decision. King alumnae attend some of the top colleges and universities in the country.

Alonna Shares Her Passion for Art and Athletics

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