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Graduate Study

King Graduate Study Funding Program Description and Application

Graduate Study Funding Program

The Graduate Study Funding Program is designed to fund full-time faculty or members of the leadership team, for the courses taken towards a master’s or doctorate degree, second master’s degree, or Certificate of Advanced Study where applicable. Priority will be given to applicants who are applying to take courses towards their first master’s degree. Applicants must obtain their supervisor's approval prior to applying for this program. Approval from the Graduate Study Funding Committee is required. The full funding of the program is dependent upon budgetary constraints, which will be reviewed on an annual basis, and the number of individuals participating in the program. To the extent that the total cost of the program for any one year significantly exceeds the amount that is budgeted, the funding per participant may be proportionately scaled back. The courses taken should enable the employee to improve or maintain performance in their current division or department. Courses must be taken at an accredited college or university. This program is separate from King’s Professional Growth and Development program.

What will the Graduate Study Funding Program pay for?

If you are approved to participate in the Graduate Study Funding Program, the following costs will be covered:

  • Course tuition
  • Registration fees
  • Laboratory/Studio fees
  • Library use for approved courses
  • Additional costs – Required textbooks and course-related software for each course up to $200.

The cost of transportation, meals, and other non-course-related materials is not covered. 

Program Stipulations

  • The applicant can apply to receive funding for up to nine credits per calendar year (not to exceed $5,250 per calendar and academic year). Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Graduate Study Funding committee.
  • The employee must be employed for one full contract year before becoming eligible for the program. Application for the program can be made prior to one year of employment, but the coursework cannot begin until after one year of employment.
  • To qualify for this benefit, the employee must be employed by King for one year following the completion of the course(s). If the employee chooses to resign in less than one year after completion of the course(s) they will be responsible for the cost of the course(s) taken in the prior twelve months.
  • The employee must be registered in a program leading to a master’s or doctorate degree, or certificate program in an accredited college or university.

How do I participate in the Graduate School Funding Program?

  • To participate in the Graduate School Funding Program one must be an eligible employee, have their supervisor’s approval, must complete the application, and provide the necessary paperwork. The funding committee must approve the application.
  • A detailed course description, as well as a description of the program from the institution, must accompany the application.
  • The application for funding must be submitted by March 31. In the application, the employee will set forth the courses that will be taken for the upcoming semester(s), including summer courses that begin in June, and the anticipated costs to be incurred. The Graduate School Funding committee will notify the employee of acceptance by mid-April.
  • Tuition and other fees will be paid directly by King to the educational institution. The employee will submit a request for reimbursement with receipts for the additional covered costs.
  • The courses must be taken outside of the employee’s normal working hours.
  •  The participant must submit a transcript or notification of grade to King after completion of the course(s).
  • To continue eligibility under the program the participant must complete the course with a grade of “B” or better. If such grade is not achieved the participant will refund the covered costs to King within 30 days of receipt of grade notification.
  • Once the degree is conferred, the participant must provide a copy of the diploma or transcript in order to be eligible for an increase in base salary of $3,000 for completion of a first master’s degree, and $4,000 for completion of a doctorate degree.