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An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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Ringing in a New Year
Ringing of the bells ceremony wide shot of gym.

“As we gather here together as a community, let's ring in the new year with love and gratitude in our hearts,” said Head of School Carol Maoz as students, faculty, and staff gathered in the upper school gym to celebrate a beloved tradition. The Ringing of the Bells ceremony marked the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year. 

Kindergarten class at ringing of the bells

Maoz welcomed the students with a special mention of the new members of the community, the kindergarten class (the youngest in attendance), and the seniors, who were celebrating the special milestone one more time before graduation. “Traditions keep communities and families together,” said Maoz. 

Dr. Sandy Lizaire-Duff, Head of the Lower School, introduced the first student speaker, fifth grade student Adom Bedu-Addo. “I am going to tell you what growing together means to me,” said Adom, referencing the theme of the year. “As you get older, your friends and family get older too. It also means getting new experiences with others. Friends at King are kind, funny, and smart. The teachers and administrators are intelligent, hilarious, and kindhearted.”

In a reminder that leaders are not solely those who speak behind the podium, Head of Middle School Dr. Josh Deitch paused to recognize the leader within each person in attendance. “We all have power. Don’t forget the power of a high five, the power of a welcoming smile,” he said. “That power makes our community what it is.” 

Upper school student ringing bell.

Deitch then introduced Isabel McDonald ’27, who spoke enthusiastically about the impact of great leadership. “We must set a good example for other grades and for ourselves; by working hard, being respectful, and kind, we strengthen an already great community,” said Isabel.

“I welcome you all to a new year, a new year that focuses on growing and growing together,” said Head of Upper School Marnie Sadlowsky before turning it over to Upper School Student Body President Bryce Heaton ’23.

“To grow together, you must learn together, collaborate, be inclusive, and help each other whether studying for a test, opening the door for someone … just help each other out. Growing together would not be possible without every one of you,” said Bryce.

A loud round of cheers and applause gave way to the reverberating sound of bells, and the King School community officially launched a new year.

Seniors ringing bells with Prekindergarten.

Following the event, in a separate ceremony that spared the youngest Vikings of the loud sound of bells, the Prekindergarten class also rang in the year, with fewer bells and a special visit from seniors Abby Glassmeyer ’23,  Ellie King ’23, and Upper School Student Body President Bryce Heaton ’23. Bryce talked to the students about learning at King and about all the fun they will have this year growing together.