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Lower School Students Write Letters to Members of the King Community
Lower School Students Write Letters to Members of the King Community

Grade 3 students are examining each element of what makes a community for their social science learning. Students explored who they are, how they contribute to their surroundings, and why they feel the community at King School is special. Each student has also selected a member of the community who they think helps make the school better. Using the skills they are developing in their Writer’s Workshop class, the students wrote letters of appreciation to their chosen individual to express gratitude for the contributions their recipients make to the King community.  

Combining their inquiry with their writing skills took planning. “Starting with an outline is an essential part of the writing process so that students have a format for organizing their thoughts. When they begin writing their letters, they will see how their ideas connect or determine whether some points need more support,” said Grade 3 teacher Ellen Eagleton.  

Emilia Leng ’22 found this method of planning useful. “The outline helps me to remember what I want to say when I write the letter because it’s all right here. I’m excited to share my letter because we don’t always get a chance to say thank you to others,” Emilia said.  

The students will present their letters to their chosen members of the King community along with a photo of themselves to express their appreciation. A copy of the letters will be displayed on a bulletin board for others to enjoy on October 6 for Parents’ night.