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King’s Lower School Students Move Up

Pride filled the air as King's youngest Vikings celebrated their achievements at the Lower School Moving Up Ceremony on Friday, June 7. The ceremony celebrated the achievements of all lower school students while honoring the Grade 5 Vikings' move to the Middle School.

Head of School Carol Maoz marked the significance of the transition by underlining the accomplishments of the fifth grade students and their preparedness for middle school.

“This is your victory lap,” she said. “This milestone is a testament to your dedication and accomplishments. You have not only mastered core subjects like reading and writing and math, but you have also developed critical thinking skills that will serve you well throughout your lives.” 

Maoz praised the faculty and families for supporting the students’ success, and her reflections extended to the accomplishments of all the lower school students moving up a grade.

“You have been great Vikings: your curiosity, collaborative spirit, and willingness to step out of your comfort zone are an inspiration,” said Maoz. “Keep asking, keep reading, keep discovering, and most importantly, keep having fun.”

The celebration continued with the Head of Lower School Dr. Sandy Lizaire-Duff, who pointed to the strides the students make daily.

“It is always a joy to witness the remarkable growth of our little Vikings,” said Lizaire-Duff. “The growth they experience socially, emotionally, and academically. They are continuously blooming – evolving, each and every day.”

She encouraged the students to embrace the power of curiosity. 

“Remember to ask questions, ask for help, ask more questions, and keep being curious about learning, keep seeking knowledge and exploring the world around you,” she said. “Keep embracing the joy of learning. Let your curiosity fuel your interests. Never stop asking questions.”

Lizaire-Duff invited members of the Student Council to the stage, and each of them took turns reflecting on the virtues the students had embraced throughout the year.

Ella Bernstein '31, a council secretary, entered King at the start of this school year and reflected on her time at the school. 

“Kindness has been extremely important to me this year,” said Ella as she talked about the experience of arriving at King. “I find that kindness comes naturally to all in the Lower School, and no challenge is needed to enforce it. That kindness is what makes this year so hard to let go of and say goodbye to. That kindness will forever be carved into my mind and heart, and I will never forget it.”

Lower School Vice President Cam Fedele '31 echoed Ella’s message.

“Kindness is something that I think our school demonstrates organically, and we do not hesitate to make it known,” Cam said, describing the many times the students collaborated on letter-writing campaigns for people on and off campus and blanket distribution campaigns for people without homes. 

These kinds of communal experiences are what Poppy Sisko '31 said cultivated her confidence and self-discovery. Now the Student Council President, she  has been at King since PreK.
“King has pushed me in ways I never imagined,” Poppy said. “Perfection is a fantasy. I want everyone to remember that no one is perfect.”

Poppy contrasted her early days at King when she hid behind her teachers to the current moment when she delivered a speech in front of a crowd.  

“It is a testament to the growth and courage we have all experienced during our time at King,” she said. “We have all learned that it is OK to be afraid, but it is even more important to push through those fears and chase our dreams.”

Though the day marked a milestone for Grade 5, their preparedness for the Middle School was apparent.

“Leaving the Lower School has made me realize how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to experience school the way I did,” said Poppy. “King fosters curiosity and promotes community. Even during tough times, we can overcome anything when we have each other’s backs.”

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