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Communal Learning
Don Halmy interviewed by grade 3

Community and storytelling are the focus of the Grade 3 social studies curriculum. This week, students in Grade 3 conducted interviews with members of the King School community. Each interview provided insight into the individual’s specific role ultimately highlighting how many groups can work together and learn from each other.

Chelsea Morgan interviewed by grade 3

To begin the assignment the class discussed helpful interview questions that were open-ended and could elicit deeper conversation. Next, each student was paired with a partner and assigned a non-teaching member of the King community to interview. Partners wrote down six questions based on the interviewee's job that they would then use during the conversation. 

In past years, students would typically compose a letter as their next step, but this year the class was tasked with conducting the interviews in person. 

“We felt that the interview was a great way for the students to get to know someone in the King community and practice conversational and interview skills,” wrote Grade 3 teacher Ellen Eagleton. “As we build a community of students in a new classroom, it is interesting to examine the community around us.”

School Nurse interviewed by grade 3

The new format challenged students to gather information in a useful way while also practicing making eye contact and utilizing good listening skills. The insights they’ve gained will be used to write a letter to the community member thanking them for the work that they do.

Following the personal interviews, the Social Studies curriculum will dive deeper into King’s history and its connections in the community. Later in the year lessons will extend to a study of Connecticut and changemakers whose stories teach us about the world.