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A Mid-Winter Walk
Walk through King School’s classrooms during the winter months, and you’ll find students carefully mixing elements, wiring circuits, and budgeting groceries. Take a step outside, and you’ll find young learners channeling their inner superheroes and upper school musicians performing at a jazz festival. Read more about the diverse range of experiences and learning opportunities students enjoy during the winter season at King as we lead into the mid-winter weekend.
Grade 5

Grade 5 students carefully study a weekly grocery store flyer as they plan a meal for a fictional family considering dietary restrictions and budget. In addition to reinforcing known mathematical concepts, the lesson provided an introduction to decimals and percentages, with the students eventually taking tax into consideration. Next week students will apply their knowledge outside of the classroom during a field trip to a local grocery store.



As part of an experiment to determine how reactant amounts affect product yield, students in Honors Chemistry carefully combine sodium carbonate and calcium chloride to make calcium carbonate, also known as chalk. Following the experiment, students compared the mass of calcium carbonate produced against the amount predicted. If the result differed from the predicted amount, students theorized possible reasons for the discrepancy.


UCONN Jazz Festival

University of Connecticut Jazz Combo Director Steve Bulmer instructs King students in an individual clinic at the UCONN Jazz Festival in Storrs, Connecticut, on Friday, February 10. Upper School Jazz Combo students attending the festival had the opportunity to perform in the von der Mehden Recital Hall, participate in individual clinics from the University of Connecticut Jazz faculty, and hear the University’s Jazz Ensemble perform.



Prekindergarten students have recently been exploring the world of superheroes. As part of the unit, each student created their own unique superhero costume in collaboration with the upper school fashion club. After students completed their colorful capes and masks, teachers printed photos of each student in costume to add to a city mural in the classroom. Students enjoy channeling their alter egos throughout the day inside and outside of the classroom.


MS Japan Exchange

Middle school students met with the upper school Japanese Exchange Club this week to share experiences through exchange with Japanese students. Grade 8 students recently took part in cultural exchange with The Greenwich Japanese School, and Upper School club members have held Zoom assemblies with Meizen High School in Kurume, Japan. In small groups, students from both divisions discussed something they'd learned and something that they shared with their Japanese peers. Upper school students shared a video from their peer school, Meizen High School, in Japan, and students discussed how it compared to The Greenwich Japanese School. After the conversation about their experience, the group brainstormed additional ways to engage in the future. Director of Global Education and Social Sciences Faculty Laura Bowe concluded the meeting by highlighting the upcoming Summer Insitute Japanese Language and Culture course available to students in grades 9-12, as well as the Sustainability in Japan travel program to Japan, which will occur every two years.


Physics Class

In their electricity unit, Honors Physics students work in a claim-evidence-reasoning lab. Each group of students acted as an electrical contracting company, designing circuits to perform different tasks. Then, using their proposal and schematic had to demonstrate the validity of their claim.



Grade 8 Art and Design minor students culminated their study of collaborative, interactive game design this week with an art-cade for their peers in the upper school gym. The project began with students sketching out their ideas in groups of two or three before building a full-scale prototype of their game using cardboard. After proving the functionality of their game, they built their final work out of fome-cor. The final projects were then decorated, with some students using King’s Innovation Lab to add lighting.