Greenhouse Gas Reduction

King officially adopted a comprehensive one, three, and five-year Sustainability Plan in 2014. The Plan includes a very ambitious target of reducing carbon emission by 50% in five years. A comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory, going back to 2010, was calculated using the Carbon Management and Analysis Platform (Carbon MAP) maintained by the University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute.

In order to reach its carbon reduction goals, King’s strategies include increased energy efficiency with infrastructure modifications and conservation behaviors, installation of renewable sources, and implementing sustainable transportation strategies.

Students Conduct Research to Propose Sustainable Solutions

In a cooperative, student-led effort between our Global Education Program and the Sustainability Program, 21 students are engaged in feasibility studies for renewable energy use at King. The students are investigating solar photovoltaic energy, solar thermal, wind, fuel cells, biomass, geothermal and innovative ways to use kinetic energy. In addition, they are developing Request for Proposals, engaging businesses in the CT-NY-NJ areas and collecting proposals. These students will bring their research to the Global Student Leaders Summit taking place in Iceland in March 2016. Afterwards, they will present results to the Board of Trustees, giving King the opportunity to decide which renewable sources are most appropriate to utilize in the coming few years. For graduation, students who are working towards earning a Distinction in Global Education can use this project as their senior capstone project.