"Nadia enjoyed the class very much, and it helped her move up to Geometry in 8th grade."

- Olena (parent)

"Delaney has had a wonderful time in pre-algebra during the Summer Institute. Since her session is coming to a close, I wanted to send a note of thanks for continuing to inspire her every day in math! She LOVES math."

- Ellen (parent)

"Mark was incredibly organized in all of his communication and all of his activities were well thought out and his staff seemed well engaged. Both my boys thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Fun Camp"

- Kerry (parent)

"Thank you so much Brian for a super 3 weeks in pre-algebra. She loved it. She left feeling confident and ready to take on honors math next year."

- Kim (parent)

"Megan really enjoyed the class - so much that she signed up for 3 more weeks!"

- Barbara (parent)

"King Fun Camp provided a safe, enriching summer experience for our son. He loved the counselors and activities and especially the day trips off campus. It provided a wonderful balance of sports and learning activities to keep his interest engaged. Looking forward to another summer at King."

- Libby (parent)

Summer Institute Testimonials

"My daughters began their King experience in the summer institute taking a refresh math course. As new seventh graders this was the ideal way to introduce them into the school, to acclimate and make them more comfortable as they began their King journey.Four years later they have now spent four summers taking classes of some kind, sports camp to hone their skills, Fundamentals of Art to open up the art options available to them during the school year, introduction to global studies, introduction to public speaking. All of these have been overwhelmingly positive experiences that have served to compliment their academic year, to keep them involved and to introduce courses that might just not have fit easily into their schedules. Brian Coughlan has worked hard to make the selections appropriate and desirable. This is a very competitive summer program and with a long summer ahead it makes sense to take advantage of the learning experience."

- Catherine (parent)

"King Summer Institute has offered me so many opportunities. Between the academic classes, sports camps and extra curriculars offered, I have been able to benefit from Summer Institute in many ways. I was fortunate enough to take a 6 week Physics course the summer before my junior year which truly helped me get ahead academically. Although having morning classes for several hours in the summer sounds pretty rough, it was really so beneficial and I am glad that I did it. With an extremely small class size, and plenty of free time to focus on just one course, I was able to really thrive in what could have been a tough full-year physics course. Also, because I got to take physics over the summer, I was able to take AP Biology junior year instead of the required Physics course, and taking the AP really gave me an academic edge."

-Idalis (student)

"Thank you for accommodating Kurt in the art and writing course and for the teacher feedback. We greatly appreciate it. Kurt found the course work to be valuable and fun too. He really enjoyed the instruction from Ms. Tobin and Mr. James and met some nice students as well. Thank you all your help."

- Marcia (parent)

"My son had a great time at King Summer Institute. This was my son's first baseball camp experience, and he had such a great time and really enjoyed it. Coach Lewis and the other assistant coaches were all terrific. They were very helpful and supportive. My son had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Thank you for a wonderful camp experience and I look forward to him attending again next summer."

- Marie (parent)

"We have nothing but wonderful things to say about King’s Summer Institute. It has offered our son an opportunity to develop and enhance skills for the upcoming academic year as well as a chance to craft athletic skills outside the classroom. Our son has participated in the sports camps for the past 6 summers. His experience with Coach Lewis has not only improved his baseball skills but has also increased his baseball IQ! Baseball camp at King joyfully marks the start of summer in our house! For the past two summers, he’s also participated in the mountain bike camp…what a blast that has been for him! Given the small group size, Brian Coughlan has been able to work with the kids to improve their biking skills and has been wonderful at guiding them to push their limits and take on tougher trails when he believes they are ready for the challenge. For the first time last summer, our son took advantage of an English summer course to better prepare himself for 7thgrade. Not only did he emerge from the 3 week course an improved and more confident writer, through the hands on experience of the teacher, our son also began to enjoy writing…that was beyond our expectations! And at the completion of the course, we received a detailed report from his English teacher on our son’s progress, areas of strength and areas for improvement. The analysis offered us incredible insight into this area of our son’s academic life. Overall, we as a family are extremely satisfied with our summer King experience. The small class/group size and the experienced and dedicated teachers/coaches are at the heart of King’s Summer Institute."

-Eileen (MS Parent)