Middle School

Summer Institute's Middle School Program offers students entering Grades 5-8 the opportunity to build their core academic skills and explore new subjects that prepare them for entrance into the Upper School. At an age of many transitions, Middle School students feel more connected and invested in their learning when they discover the talents that motivate them, activities that delight them, and teachers who understand them.

Academic Courses:  NEW! See our new enrichment and acceleration programs, plus a new, extra session in August. All courses will be offered remotely and will include: 

  • 45-60 minutes daily of synchronous teaching and learning where the class meets together virtually
  • Opportunity for virtual teacher-student one-on-one connection and small group work
  • Plus, independent student work

Remote courses will leverage the best practices of KingIsHome, our successful remote learning program, which provides a mix of synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning. 

  • In synchronous remote learning, participants interact at the same time and in the same virtual space. For example, the entire class would participate in an interactive videoconference, or a teacher would conduct a help session virtually with a student. 
  • In asynchronous remote learning, participants interact in elapsed time, as we do with email, online discussion forums, blogs, podcasts, etc. Learners are not together with each other or participating in the same activities all at the same moment.

1 Definitions derive from The Aurora Institute (formerly iNACOL: the International Association for K-12 Online Learning): http://www.aurora-institute.org/wp-content/uploads/iNACOL_DefinitionsProject.pdf

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Six WEEK SESSION (Earn Academic Credit)

THREE WEEK SESSIONS (Earn Credit or Build SKills)

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"Thank you so much for a super 3 weeks in pre-algebra. She loved it. She left feeling confident and ready to take on honors math next year."

- Kim (parent)