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A Special Thank you from Jess Drbul, President of the Parents' Association

A special thank you from Jess Drbul, President of the Parents' Association:

The Parents' Association had a productive and successful year thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers! Thank you to our very dedicated PA board: Celeste Marsh, Kim Alexander, Yvette Nugent, Ilinca Creveling and Mi-Sun Freeman. Thank you to Barbara Zicchichi and Micaela Malin and all of our derby committee chairs: Julie Rubich, Betsy Price, Colleen Cohen, Namcy Ozizmir, Stacy Gaines, Ilinca Creveling, Carmen Failla, Mary Holtz, Sadie Lovello and Marc D'Amelio, for throwing a spectacular Kingtucky Derby.

Thank you to our fantastic and hard working divisional VPs: Sandra Villard, Lisa Perlman and Heather Raker. Thank you to our grade reps for doing a great job of keeping everyone informed: Becky Esposito, Natalie Stein, Carrie Sponheimer, Miranda Linders, Sandy Burgoyne, Dorothy Spenner, Liz Stanise, Monica Lynn, Lorraine Sweillam, Mini Nunna, Lisa Kadlick, Meredith Landis, Julie Rubich, Roseann Conheeney and Marcia Voges. Thank you to our parent committee chairs for providing such valuable support to our kids and our community: Sandra Bissell, Vivi Kulig, Giovanna Barrera, Kate Munno, Eileen Hillenmeyer, Candace Proccacini, Tot Begg, Stephanie Christie, Fiona Fine, Anne Goodnow, Susan Leibowits, and Sarah Black.

Thank you to all who ran spirit and community events and devoted so much time and effort to our school: Kerry Anderson, Silvia Marsella, Karine Hills, Heather anderson, Micaela Malin, Carrie Sponheimer, Seema Dohil, Lindsay Oudsema, Darunee Gambino, Kirsten Riley, Cortney Ansel, and everyone who helped in any capacity!

Thank you to our amazing and very supportive development and marketing offices, we appreciate and value all of the essential help that you give us. Thank you to Karen Raidt, Chris Cunningham and Marnie Sadlowsky for working with us and allowing us to be a part of our children's school day. And...a very special thank you to Tom Main, we would not be the school or the PA that we are today without your outstanding leadership, guidance, and friendship.

Have a great summer!

Jessica Drbul, PA President