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PA Parenting Series opens with Dr. Jessica Hoffman and Building Skills for Life

The Parents' Association opened their Speaker Series with Dr. Jessica Hoffman presenting 'Building Skills for Life: An Emotions Matter Mindset to Parenting" in late October. King parent Sarah Black, Chair of the Speaker Series, offered the following remarks about the event: "Emotional Intelligence is becoming more important in the world and in response to this, the Parents' Association recently welcomed Dr. Jessica Hoffman, an associate research scientist at the Yale Emotional Center for Intelligence, to come talk with parents. Dr. Hoffman discussed building skills for life with regard to our emotions. She explained how emotions impact so many facets of our life, from personal relationships to academic performance to everyday success. Parents were presented with ideas and tips to help broaden the conversation of emotions with children, allowing a deeper understanding of emotions." Thank you to Sarah Black for her insightful comments.

Over 85 people attended the event with Dr. Hoffman showing the importance and value of this topic. Even after time ran out, attendees talked with Dr. Hoffman in the PAC lobby to ask further questions. Parents who attended provided feedback on the morning:

"Extremely educational."

"That was amazing. It helped me to understand myself and my children. I talk about my emotions with my children, but I don't name them enough."

"I liked how Dr. Hoffman said we need to understand more about emotions and ask our children questions. By delving further into emotions, we can understand how they are feeling and what they might need."

"I loved the idea of a "Family Charter". Asking kids how they want to feel at home and how we as a family can work together to build that environment. It will help children think about their emotions and how they can help contribute to an environment in which they want to live."

If you missed the event, you can view Dr. Hoffman's presentation slides here. The PA Parenting Speaker Series seeks to provide a forum to support one another in our shared endeavor of raising responsible children by presenting relevant speakers and opportunities for discussion.