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Midnight Run Gratitude from our PA Co-Chairs

Thank you, from Regina Woods Gordon and Suzanne Winterlich, PA King Cares Co Chairs:

"On January 24, a dedicated and enthusiastic group of nine PA King Cares parents and three very generous faculty members loaded up the King vans and headed into New York City for a 10:00 p.m. rendezvous with a Midnight Run representative. It was a mild evening weather-wise which encouraged a significant response from those in need. Thankfully, the buses were bursting (with little room for the parents) due to the "yet again" extremely generous King Community. The group was so busy serving individual needs that there was little time for individual interchanges, but we were able to meet most everyone's need and the gratitude coming back our way was heartwarming. 

PA King Cares sends a big shout out to Sue Laramie, Mark McAndrews, and Frank Russo, who unselfishly stepped up to drive the vans. It is a tall order to navigate the NYC streets, especially so late into the evening and early morning and to try to find consecutive parking spots for each stop. We are so grateful to all three of you for generously taking time away from your families and helping us make this event possible. It would not happen without you. Thank you also to Karen Raidt, King Cares Director, who not only participated in the run but is a continued supporter of all PA King Cares Efforts.

Whether you took the time to sort through your closets or sort through the vast amount of donations, generously purchased new clothing to donate, helped collate luncheon bags or joined us on the run, we are truly grateful to you all for your individual efforts. Thank you to all in the King Community who gave the PA King Cares participants the gift of this experience and helped us make a difference. 

Upper School students will be making a spring run. With our inventory significantly diminished, we expect we will be reaching out again to help us build our supplies. We thank you in advance for your continued support."