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King Homecoming 2017

Dear King Community,

It was an idyllic weekend on the King Campus, and a wonderful weekend to be a part of the King community. King Homecoming 2017 was so much fun!! A huge thank you to our two amazing co chairs, Silvia Marsella and Kerry Anderson!! Thank you to Yvette Nugent, Michelle Howe, Christina Focke, Laurel Scarlata, Liz Stanise, Micaela Malin, Lisa Perlman, Alicia Posta, Kate Munno, Heather Anderson, Karine Hills, Ilinca Creveling, Seydis Acosta, Cecilia Schmitke, the King Athletic Department, the Development Office, Doug Johnson and our maintenance team, Heather Browning, the Jove family, Sweet Lisa's, all of the many wonderful parent volunteers that helped make it such a great day, and everyone who came out to enjoy it!!


Jessica Drbul, President

King Parents' Association