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Harlan Cohen Shares His Rules of Parenting with King

(thank you to King Parent Sarah Black for this thoughtful recap)

On Tuesday, October 24, the Parents' Association Parenting Speaker Series hosted Harlan Cohen, NY Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated advice columnist. Harlan is the author of five books including, The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run into in College, and The Naked Roommate: For Parents Only.

Harlan presented to parents in the morning and shared his '5 Simple Rules to Parenting.' He talked about getting "comfortable with the uncomfortable" and the "Universal Rejection Truth". Harlan gave examples how life is full of transitions and he cited five transitions - social, emotional, physical, financial and academic. He fielded questions from the audience and talked with parents after the discussion.

Here are a few King Parent testimonials from Cohen's presentation:

"So often as parents we want to protect and shield our children. Harlan made such valid points that we have to get our children comfortable with the uncomfortable to prepare them to handle the bumps along the road in their future."

"Harlan is so genuine and thoughtful! Nice to be reminded of dad's perspective on raising children."

"In a humorous and engaging fashion, Harlan Cohen offered lots of practical as well as thought provoking advice and resources to help guide parents through all ages and stages. He reminded us through many personal and audience offered examples that if we allow our children to move through (and not protect them from) times of adversity, they will often learn their greatest life lessons."

In the afternoon, Harlan met with students from Grades 11 & 12. He discussed with the students the selection criteria they will use when choosing a college; how to navigate and practice being uncomfortable before going to college, and how the students should pursue what they want. He also talked about handling the social, emotional, physical, financial and academic transitions and gave students tips and advice to prepare for their college journey.

A Grade 12 student adds, "Harlan Cohen was...high energy and very engaging. Edgy, but respectful and entertaining. His message was very impactful and it's stuff I may not have realized otherwise...preparing me for the whole college journey!"

You can view Harlan's slides from the King event here: Also, for those parents and students who may have missed these events on the 24, Harlan will be hosting a webinar on Monday, October 30 at 8:00 p.m. focusing on Happy, Healthy, and (Almost) Stress-Free College Planning For Students & Parents. Please click on the link to register for this free event.

Thank you to the King Parents' Association for this educational and fun event!