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PA Leadership

Pictured above (L-R): Mini Nunna, Gina Jansen, Kate Munno, Kim Alexander, Ilinca Creveling

PA Leadership


President Mini Nunna
Executive Vice President Lindsay Oudsema
Secretary Sandy Burgoyne
Treasurer Gina Jansen
Past President Kim Alexander
Marketing/Communications Ilinca Creveling


LS Vice President Lindsay Oudsema
MS Vice President Sandra Villard
US Vice President Lisa Perlman


PreKindergarten Dana Johnson
Kindergarten Jessica Lombardi
Grade 1 Dian Holder
Grade 2 Jennifer Connelly
Grade 3 Althea Cooper
Grade 4 Tina Mazotas
Grade 5 Alicia Posta
Grade 6 Darunee Gambino
Grade 7 Kelly Santomaro
Grade 8 Seema Dohil
Grade 9 Kate Munno
Grade 10 Lorraine Sweillam
Grade 11 Christine Donnelly
Grade 12 Jessica Demmo, Lisa Kadlick, Fiona Fine'90


Welcome Ambassadors Mi-Sun Freeman
Senior Stress Busters Co-Chairs Jane Fragner, Christine O'Halloran, Melissa Ross
School Store Co-Chairs Sarah Bull, Mary Holtz, and Michaela Malin
Parents Support Arts Co-Chair Gina Jansen
Parents Support Arts (Visual Arts) Arianne Kolb
Viking Pride Co-Chairs Barbara Glinka, Eileen Hillenmeyer
Parents Support King Cares Co-Chairs Suzanne Winterlich, OPEN
Kind Committee Co-Chairs Jennifer Connelly, God-is Rivera
LS/MS Book Fair Co-Chairs Katy Gemelli, Bree Marsden
LS DJ Jam Chair Tressan Garcia
Sunshine Committee Co-Chairs Fiona Fine, Anne Goodnow
Parenting Speaker Series Chair Judy Phillips
Special Projects Kate Munno

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