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My King Story: Simon Fox '23 - Using Technology to Bring People Together

When Simon Fox began exploring technology, he started with what he deemed to be an easy task: turning on a light bulb.

"Illuminating a light properly is not as simple as it sounds," he said, somewhat surprised by that discovery. It took Simon more time to execute than he anticipated, but when that bulb lit up, so did his enthusiasm.

"I started to work my way up to more advanced projects," he said as he maneuvered circuitry wires in a microcontroller. "Right now I am making an autonomous robot that can look around and see obstacles and can move around and avoid them."

So what is the biggest challenge in lighting a light bulb or building a robot? "Honestly, the biggest challenge is troubleshooting. You see how many wires are here?" he asked pointing to the microcontroller, "literally, if one is a little loose or in the wrong spot it will display random characters or not work at all."

The more Simon learned, the more he wanted to share, prompting him to start the MS Circuitry Club so other technophiles could also develop an understanding of the electronics around them. "I wanted other like-minded people to have the same opportunities that I did and to be able to learn how to do the same things, and maybe together we could learn even more."

Simon insists that none of his learning happened alone, bolstering the benefit of the Club. "It is not as if I just figured out how to do this on my own. I received a lot of support from King, such as how to actually program a robot and to do things that are more technically advanced. King also gave me the opportunity to start my own club and to have the materials for it and to share it with people who have the same interests and want to do similar things. We are all really fortunate to have that kind of support. To organize and share, it just makes sense."

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