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My King Story: Alonna Christy '19 shares her passion for art and athletics
Every year, the Senior Advanced Art 3 and 4 students mount a Senior Show and participate in the Art Colloquium, where they discuss the process of making their art and the works' intended meanings. Alonna Christy '19 shares her inspiration behind her piece, which will be showcased at the Colloquium. Visual Art and Athletics at King have empowered Alonna to become more vocal and involved. "Art and athletics provide a safe space for me - it makes me feel comfortable, be more vocal, and come out of my shell," adds Alonna.

Due to the large quantity of art, students' work will be installed in the PAC lobby as well as throughout the Upper School. This year 13 students will be participating in two events. Join us for two Colloquiums:
Thursday, April 18, 10:00-10:35 a.m., Advanced Art 4 students: Hope Deschapelles, Louise Dill, Delaney Harris, Greer Lammens, Amelia Whiteley, and Ashely Xu.
Thursday, April 25, 9:00-9:45 a.m., Advanced Art 3 students: Dhasiya Anderson, Haley Barros, Alonna Christy, Charlotte Freund, Annie Michalski, Chrissy Nelli, and Jess Steib. 
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