My King Story

The best way to learn about King School is to hear from our community. Read stories and watch videos providing a close-up look at King students, faculty, parents, and alumni.

Stepping out of her comfort zone

Alonna Christy '19

"Art and athletics provide a safe space for me - it makes me feel comfortable, be more vocal and come out of my shell."

Challenging students and bringing out their best

The King Family

"King has an amazing academic program within a kind, collaborative environment. The education is top-notch. "

Stepping into character, collaborating with peers

Gouri Krishnan '23

"I had to give a speech when I ran for student council. Having that extra confidence boost from being able to perform on stage was really helpful."

There is something here for everyone

The Resnick Family

"If you want your children to attend a school that believes in the growth of the individual in a healthy, yet challenging, academic environment, send them to King."

3D printing & rocketry lead to 'aha' moment

Spencer Creveling '20

“I started the 3D printing club because I like to see people follow their dreams and create what they want.”

Combining Emotions and Music

Sam Nadler '19

That feeling I get when I crush a solo is indescribable, I don't think it is something I can achieve from anything other than music."

Troubleshooting is the best part

Simon Fox '23

“I wanted people to be able to learn how to do the same things, and maybe together we could learn even more.”

Fostering a love of reading

Priya Dohil ‘27

“Ms. Pambianchi taught me to read with my imagination making the story real, so in my head the story plays like a movie.”

Engaging, exciting, & relatable Science

Michelle Sibrizzi, Middle School Science Faculty

"Some of the most vulnerable years are in Middle School. I know how important it is for students to have someone who will listen, support, and challenge them."

Making sense of Math

Cam Raker '19

"I love the quote that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. I want to choose a major that I enjoy."

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