Meet the Counseling Team

Lower School

The LS Counseling Department facilitates the social and emotional development of all of our students through the development, implementation, and coordination of the social skills, life skills, emotional development, and prevention programming for the Lower School. A school psychologist works part-time, in partnership with the division leadership, to provide support for individuals and small groups. The Psychologist, Head of Lower School, Director of Teaching and Learning meet regularly with teachers and, as needed, families to ensure children are experiencing growth in school, socially and academically.  There is also support and guidance for parents, as well as referrals to community resources.

Middle School

The Student Support Team (SST) is comprised of the Middle School Counselors, the Director of Teaching and Learning, and the Dean of Students. This group meets regularly to review program, student progress and wellness, and parent education. The SST also collaborates closely with advisors and Team Leaders to ensure consistently or programmatic implementation through Advisory and Life Skills curriculum.

Upper School

The School Counselors are available as a supportive resource to all students in Grades 9-12. The Counselors offer the opportunity for brief solution-focused sessions regarding issues that affect students’ academic or social health. The Counselors also take the opportunity to meet with students new to the Upper School to discuss any issues that may arise during their transition to a new school environment. Although most students come to the Counselors by their own referral, Administrators, Personal Advisors, and/or parents can also refer students when they feel that some level of intervention is necessary.


Meet the Team

Lexi Bosse

Lexi Bosse
School Counselor

(203) 322-3496, Ext. 357

Erika Pomerantz

Erica Pomerantz
School Counselor
(203) 322-3496, Ext. 356

Lexi Bosse

Mi Chau
School Counselor

(203) 322-3496, Ext. 372

Jen Guevara

Jennifer Guevara
School Counselor
(203) 322-3496, Ext. 339