Diversity & Inclusion

King School, as an inclusive educational community, embraces and values the unique qualities and traits of its members. King recognizes that an informed understanding of one’s own identity not only contributes to the development of a healthy, empowered young adult, but also enhances the learning experience for each and every member of the community. King celebrates its growing diversity through the exploration and discovery of individuals including, but not limited to, their race, class, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

By honoring cultural differences and intellectual diversity, we create a vibrant learning community where each person is valued.

King nurtures an environment in which each individual strives for wisdom and goodness found through a deep understanding of equity, fairness, and cultural inclusion. King believes that healthy identity development is essential to the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students. We model these values throughout our PreK-Grade 12 globally-integrated curriculum, our diverse community, and our ongoing calendar of cultural events.

Ultimately, our goal is to prepare students to become contributing members of a multicultural and interconnected society. Please contact our Director of Diversity for further discussion of our programs, or to arrange a visit if you are considering joining our community.