Fostering Racial Equity at King:  Ideas Provided by Alumni for King to Move Forward

In a forum with alumni on June 5, 2020, alumni provided numerous ideas for ways in which King can move forward with anti-racism policies and practices that strengthen our culture, curriculum, training, recruitment and hiring, and retention.  Below is a list of those ideas. 


  • Educate the King community about overt and covert racism
  • Reaffirm King’s values to prioritize equity and fairness, which in turn reaffirms our commitment to student mental and emotional health.  
  • Review our financial access program and consider the resources and support students in this program need to succeed at King
  • Address directly the pervasive stereotypes of Black men and women
  • Create space for Black alumni to share their stories


  • Conduct a curriculum review PreK-Grade 12, across disciplines, to build a curriculum in and out of the classroom that will raise students’ consciousness and knowledge about systemic racism (both in history and present day) and ways to combat it 


  • Implement mandatory training in anti-racism for all staffulty, including the Head of School, and the Board of Trustees
  • Implement anti-racism education and programming more broadly in the King community for students and parents 
  • Clarify the process by which any member of the King community can report issues or concerns related to racism or other forms of inequity 

Recruitment and hiring

  • Increase the number of people of color working on the staffulty, serving on the Board, and acting as alumni class agents
  • Increase the number of students of color 


  • Provide additional support to the staffulty of color
  • Strengthen our process for reporting concerns about racism and other forms of inequity, and share this process to the entire King community in our handbooks and on our website
  • Investigate thoroughly any concerns about racism and other forms of inequity, whether raised through the complaint process or otherwise identified to the school 

As of June 9, 2020, we have completed the following actions. 

  • We have communicated to the King School Board of Trustees the feedback we heard in the four forums with alumni, Middle School students, Upper School students, and staffulty. 
  • The Board of Trustees has issued a statement denouncing racism and affirming that King must change.
  • To expand upon the forums that were held, we’ve scheduled a forum on June 9 for current parents to provide feedback.
  • We have communicated to alumni who volunteered to help us set up the follow up meeting among Black and alumni of color.  
  • We have shared King's Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan 2017 proposed by Keeniun Brumskill when he was the Director of Diversity at King. 
  • We have affirmed to staffulty that King is committed to being anti-racist and defined this as taking active, intentional actions to dismantle racism. 
  • We have announced to staffulty that all staffulty will participate in mandatory DEI training, beginning this summer.
  • Karen Eshoo has set up meetings to speak individually to some alumni and former King staffulty of color.

This is just the beginning of our conversation. We are committed to do the hard work together, with the involvement of the entire King community, to change our culture. Thank you again. We need your voice. Please join us in moving forward. 

Feel free to reach out to with any questions or comments.