This summer has been difficult - for our country as we face our history of racism and its long and destructive reach, and for our King community as we have faced the reality of the many ways we have fallen short in building an inclusive community for all of our students, families and colleagues. Our responsibility is to continue not only to proclaim without hesitation that Black Lives Matter, but to take clear and visible action towards making good on our commitment to equity and inclusion on our own campus.  The voices of our Middle and Upper School students, colleagues, alumni, and parents at the forums we hosted were clear: King needs to be better, and an incredible number of the King community members has stepped up to help us make positive changes and hold us accountable.  As we go forward together, our commitment to all of you is to keep listening to your perspectives and suggestions, and to take every opportunity to prioritize our commitment to social justice by educating, and by continuing to become better educated myself.  As an anti-racist school, we will move beyond talk and take meaningful action.  We will continue to update all of you on the concrete actions we are taking as a school to do a better and more visible job of fulfilling these commitments.  Below is a summary of the steps we have taken this summer and the communications we've shared over the last few months. 

DEI Activity