Physical Education

The Physical Education Program challenges students to reach their fullest physical and intellectual potentials through various physical and kinesthetic awareness activities. Students are encouraged to focus on their own abilities, rather than those of others, and to develop a strong sense of good sportsmanship and cooperation in their interactions with their classmates.

Grades PreK-2: Physical Education emphasizes free exploration, body awareness, and proprioceptive activities with modified equipment and physical examples. Through various activities, students learn to work individually, with multiple partners, and within groups. Emphasis is placed upon cooperation, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.

Grades 3-4: Physical Education classes are more sports-oriented. Specific developmental skills, rules, and strategies of sports are taught, as is good sportsmanship. The concept of learning a specific sport and being successful at it is the main goal, rather than who wins.

Grades 5-6: Students participate in advanced physical education classes five days per week. The Advanced Physical Education Program is designed to give the students experience in multiple sports and to acquire athletic skills that will help them in the sports they choose in Grade 7, Grade 8 and beyond.

Below is a list of the sports and activities in which your child will participate over the course of the school year:

Fall Boys Fall Girls
Football Soccer
Soccer Field Hockey
Cross-Country/Fitness Cross-Country/Fitness
Volleyball Volleyball
Winter Boys Winter Girls
Swimming Swimming
Floor Hockey Fun and Games
Fun and Games Floor Hockey
Pickleball Pickleball
Basketball Basketball
Fitness Fitness
Spring Boys Spring Girls
Lacrosse Lacrosse
Baseball Softball
Tennis Tennis
Fun and Games Fun and Games

Grades 7-12: Physical Education in Grades 8-12 transitions to the King School Athletic Program. All students are provided the opportunity to participate on a team and/or individual sport each season throughout the year. The emphasis of the program is individual skill development, which is then put into action on the playing field through competition. Good sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-discipline are incorporated and modeled through the team sports at the MS, JV and Varsity levels. For more information about our Athletic offerings please visit: