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When individuals are known and valued, the result is a teaching and learning community powered to greater heights through the strength of trust, mutual support, and collaboration. King School has intentionally established a welcoming culture that uplifts what we call the King Virtues: integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect. Students, families, faculty, staff, and alumni thrive because they are included and encouraged at King.

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This week:

Guests: Alesia Paz and Max Crook; leaders of the King Young Democrats Club, and, Sean Mullen and Will Burket; leaders of the King Young Republicans Club. 

  • U.S. Capitol chaos and violence
  • GA Senate race and control of the U.S. Senate
  • Guests: King Young Democrats and Young Republicans
  • "What Did We Learn This Week"
  • King Things & Sports
  • Job reports show renewed labor market weakness
  • Economic data & Markets

Rahill Jaiswal; Producer King Things + Sports, Jake Murphy; Producer Hot Topics and Video Editor, Nicole Roar; Producer Hot Topics and King Things, Lily Ryan; Producer Hot Topics King Things + Sports, and Jack Zipper; Producer Sports. 

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