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This week:

Our guest Co-Host this week is Josh Gershon ('24)

  • (1:23) Nicole Roer covers Q1 bank earnings and Goldman's blowout quarter
  • (6:48) Josh Gershon updates us on the Coinbase (COIN) IPO
  • (9:11) "What Did We Learn This Week - Shout-outs to Mr. Salvenson, Mr. Hyatt, and Mr. Bradt  
  • (12:21) King Things - what is going on in our King Community
  • (13:20) Sports with Nicole
  • (16:40) Jake Murphy adds some more to the Coinbase story
  • (18:45) Economic data & Markets

Rahill Jaiswal; Producer King Things + Sports, Jake Murphy; Producer Hot Topics and Video Editor, Nicole Roar; Producer Hot Topics and King Things, Lily Ryan; Producer Hot Topics King Things + Sports, and Jack Zipper; Producer Sports. 

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