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An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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Lower School Physical Education

The Lower School Physical Education program is built around health, wellness, creativity, and movement. Students learn to navigate a challenging environment while practicing sportsmanship and developing confidence. The program challenges students to reach their fullest physical, social/emotional, and intellectual potentials through various fun and enthusiastic planned activities. As they work together, the foundation of teamwork is laid. As they grow through the Lower School, students learn about strength and endurance and are introduced to different sports to prepare them to move into team sports at the middle school level.

kids in gym playing on boards

Grades PreK-2

Physical Education emphasizes free exploration, body awareness, and proprioceptive activities with modified equipment and physical examples. Through various activities, students learn to work individually, with partners, and within groups. Emphasis is placed on cooperation, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.


student kicking ball in gym

Grades 3-4

Students learn proper exercise performance and routines while learning to set realistic goals for their own strength, endurance, and flexibility throughout the school year. Classes become more sports-oriented as specific developmental skills, rules, and strategies of sports are taught; while the importance of good sportsmanship is also defined and explored. The concept of learning how to use individual strengths to better oneself and achieve success is the main focus, rather than a concentration on winning and losing.

Grade 5

The Physical Education Program takes a deeper dive into the science of physical fitness and teaching the importance of healthy diets, exercise, and lifestyle. It also advances on sport specific concepts and teachings; presenting students with the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of individual and team sports. Personal growth, confidence building, and skill development are supported through individual attention and positive reinforcement. Cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation for the different sports and athletic activities offered, students will come away with greater comfort and confidence to serve them as they move up into the team sports programs.

Below is a list of the sports and activities in which your child will participate over the course of the school year:

Football Badminton
Soccer Floor Hockey
Cross-Country Cross-Country
Volleyball Baseball
Fitness Pickleball
Floor Hockey Basketball
Fun and Games Tennis
Dance Yoga
Lacrosse Cricket


Physical Education Dress Code

Learn about what your child should wear for Physical education in the Lower School Dress Code.