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Athlete Health Services

King's policy for concussion management is outlined below.

If a head injury is suspected during a school event, the following will occur:

  • The Health Services staff will promptly contact the family and recommend that the family follow up with their pediatrician.
  • The Health Services staff will email the name of the student with the head injury to the Division Head, Department of Teaching and Learning, Dean of Students, Nurse, Dean of Athletics and Athletics Operations Director for both Upper School and Middle School students.

If the concussion occurs outside of a school event:

  • Families should notify the Health Services staff and Director of Teaching and Learning. Students who were injured outside of school will have to complete the Return-to-Play progression before returning to sports. Please see the policy below.

If symptoms persist the following providers may be helpful:

Stamford Hospital Concussion Center
1 Blachley Road, Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 276-4123

Return to learn and return to play

If the student needs academic accommodations, a physician must provide a letter stating those needs before the student returns to school. The student’s family should provide that letter to the Director of Teaching and Learning in their division. 

Physical Rest and Return-to-Play

  • The student has been without symptoms for one week after returning to the classroom.
  • The student has been cleared by the King School Athletic Trainer.
  • The student must complete the Return-to-Play Exercise Progression under the supervision of the King School Athletic Trainer as follows:

Return-to-Play Exercise Progression for Athletics: Must be asymptomatic at school for one week.

  • Day 1: Must be asymptomatic at school for one week.
  • Day 2: Begin light aerobic activity (i.e. stationary bike).
  • Day 3: Increase aerobic activity and add movement (i.e. light jog on treadmill).
  • Day 4: Return to limited team practice. Begin non-contact drills.
  • Day 5: Continue limited team practice and non-contact drills of increased duration.
  • Day 6: Full practice non-contact.
  • Day 7: Full return to unrestricted play unless it is the day of a game. (See King’s general Return-to-Play Policy)
  • If symptoms return on any given day of the RTP progression, the session will end and continue on the following day provided the symptoms subside quickly and no other symptoms occur.
  • The Athletic Trainer makes the final decision regarding when an athlete returns to sports at King.

All concussion management needs to be sensitive to the individual needs of the student, and all decisions will be made at the discretion of the School in partnership with the physician, the parents/guardian, and the student.

Concussion management is an ever-changing program that is constantly being reviewed and studied. We will continue to stay informed about current research in this field and adjust our protocols accordingly.


Emma Jonsson

Director of Student Athlete Health Services and Life Skills Faculty

Katie Bryant

Head Athletic Trainer