2015-16 Annual Report of Donors

A Letter from the Head of the School, Tom Main

Dear King Community,

It is always a humbling experience for me to review this Annual Report and compose some remarks and introduction. Humbling, simply because the sheer breadth and depth of your generosity illustrates powerful evidence that your support to our School is truly meaningful. The dollars raised in a variety of efforts are substantial and our high Annual Fund participation rate indicates a strong vote of confidence in King’s mission. I’m proud our community shares a deep understanding of the philanthropic role it plays at King – which is the catalyst that propelled us over the last decade and will continue to move us forward. Your support is a key cornerstone to our institutional strength and our students and Faculty benefit daily from this. The donors and their gifts found in our 2015-2016 Annual Report enable us to fund our exceptional Faculty, continue to enhance the personalized approach to education that we provide, and maintain the deep commitment to academic excellence and rigor that defines the institution.

Thank you again for your partnership and for all of your support.

Thomas B. Main
Head of School