2015-16 Annual Report of Donors

Annual Fund Volunteers

This year, in celebration of the School's 150th Anniversary, our community responded with nearly 100 volunteers for the Annual Fund - the most ever! We are deeply grateful for your dedication, leadership, and support in this critical initiative. Through your tireless efforts, we proudly celebrate 100% participation among our Board of Trustees, New Parents, Annual Fund Volunteers, Faculty, Staff, Students in the Class of 2016, and Parents in Grades Pre-K, 2, 6, and 12! We also reached a record 97% overall parent participation!

Annual Fund Committee

Advancement Co-Chair: Linda Petrone

Advancement Co-Chair: Alisa Savitz

AF Trustee Chair: Amy Silberfein

Annual Fund Director: Cindy Dill

US Divisional Chair: Monica Knorr

MS Divisional Chair: Kim Alexander

LS Divisional Chair: Libby Mattson

New Parent Co-Chair: Trish Davies

New Parent Co-Chair: Catherine Giventer

US Faculty Chair: Leslie Bruzik

MS Faculty Chair: Brian Coughlan

LS Faculty Chair: Analia Pizzi

Alumni Parent Chair: Margharet Nash

Alumni Chair: Fiona Muir Fine ‘90

Grandparent Chair: Geri and Dom Lacerenza

Annual Fund Class Volunteers


Samita Tiwari (Class Captain)


Alissa Wool (Class Captain)

Grade 1

Kristen Buerstetta (Class Captain)
Micaela Malin

Grade 2

Doug Fishkin (Class Captain)
Sarina Galu
Carmino Santomaro
Kelly Santomaro

Grade 3

Libby Mattson (Class Captain)
Seema Dohil

Grade 4

Alzbeta Harvey (Class Captain)
Caroline Baughman

Grade 5

Celeste Marsh (Class Captain)
Catherine Giventer
Barbara Glinka
Yvette Nugent
Jessica Stone

Grade 6

Regina Gordon (Class Captain)
Carlene Armetta
Kimberly Benkwitt
Meredith Bergman
Natalie Falcon
Mi-Sun Freeman
Leslie Goudie
Kate Munno

Grade 7

Bridget Pritchard (Class Captain)
Kim Alexander
Trish Davies
Jessica Drbul
Jeff Grills
Tim Hodges
Micaela Malin

Grade 8

Katie Rogers (Class Captain)
Marcella Barry
Tricia Gallagher
Meredith Landis
Lisa McDermott
Wendy O'Connor

Grade 9

Fran Berrick (Class Captain)
Karen Burston
Charlie Dill
Sharon Golden
Joanna Gwozdziowski
Sam Lavy
Catherine Lewis
Karen Meizels
Alisa Savitz
Heather Raker
Diana Xu

Grade 10

Cathy Nash (Class Captain)
Kelly Abbott
Nancy Geary
Katina Georgopulo
Marlene Gilbert
Sarita Hanley
Heather Silver
Chris Simpson
Moira Snover
Susan Weaver
Kelly Wheeler

Grade 11

Wendy Sciolla (Class Captain)
Alison Barlow
Suzanne DeBow
Alex Guest
Stefania Jové
Tamra Lichtman
Paul Michalski
Vicky Newman
Charles Norton
Tara Rozen
Rachel Steib

Grade 12

Amy Silberfein (Class Captain)
Liz Correa
Keith Fleischman
Liz Fleischman
Tricia Gallagher
Mary Holtz
Rob Holtz
Jerry Knorr
Monica Knorr
Scott Mitchell
Tara Mitchell
Linda Petrone
Stephanie Scarlata
Stefanie Spadaccini
Kelly Wheeler
Carolyn Wind
Mike Wind
Joyce Yassky