2015-16 Annual Report of Donors

Annual Fund Giving

King is grateful to all donors listed on these pages who have contributed to building and sustaining a School of excellence that nurtures and supports the individual talents and abilities of each student. We thank you for your generosity.

5-9 Consecutive years of giving
10-19 Consecutive years of giving
20-29 Consecutive years of giving
30+ Consecutive years of giving

King Circle - ($50,000.00 +)

King Circle - ($50,000.00 + )
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Conheeney, Jr.
Mr. Larry N. Feinberg
Ms. Cynthia Hackel
Mr. and Ms. Frank V. Nash
The Larry N. Feinberg Family Foundation
Zide Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zide

Viking Circle - ($35,000.00 +)

Viking Circle - ($35,000.00 + )
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Perlman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Queally, Jr.
The Paul & Anne-Marie Queally Family Foundation Inc.

Newfield Circle - ($25,000.00 +)

Newfield Circle - ($25,000.00 + )
Mr. and Mrs. Alexandre Bettamio
Mr. Jeffrey Bewkes
Ms. Margaret Bewkes
Mr. Luis Felipe Dutra and Mrs. Katucha Leite
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Goldenberg
Goldman Sachs Gives
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Lunt
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Nellis
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Paglia
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stanton

Simon House Circle - ($15,000.00 +)

Simon House Circle - ($15,000.00 + )
Anonymous (5)
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Abbott
Ms. Ellen Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Adam De Chiara
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dowling
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Fleischman
Frankenfield Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frankenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Garavel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goudie
Mr. and Mrs. John Hock
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Holtz
Howard J. Golden Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. David Jaffe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Knorr
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Lagarde
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lazarus
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Loeb
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Millerchip
Mrs. Susan Mirza
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Moses
Ms. Christine O'Halloran
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Y. Orenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ozizmir
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Patricio
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Perlman
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Raker
Mr. and Mrs. Berto Sciolla
Sciolla Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shattan
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Silberfein
Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Stalman
The Gerald and Sharon Garavel Family Charitable Fund
The Holtz Family Charitable Fund
The Timothy Joyce Charitable Fund
Valerie and Jeffrey S. Wilpon Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wilpon

Heads Circle - ($10,000.00 +)

Heads Circle - ($10,000.00 + )
Anonymous (3)
The Backes Family
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barlow
Mr. Edward Burke and Ms. Katina Georgopulo
Mrs. Nancy Boccuzzi Carnavalla '83 and Mr. James Carnavalla
Mr. and Mrs. James Chapman
Mr. Ilya Degter and Dr. Masha Kogan
Mr. Robert Drbul and Mrs. Jessica Drbul
Four T's Foundation
Ms. Stacey Gaine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gheewalla
Mr. Frederick S. Gold and Ms. Barbara Levine
Mr. Richard Goldman '79 and Mrs. Jami Goldman
Mr. Mark Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jemiolo
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Kliavkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. John E. McDermott III
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mudd
Mr. and Mrs. Brian O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Petrone
Mr. David Ross and Ms. Tenley Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rubich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Salvi
Mr. Geoff Schneider '84 and Mrs. Lisa Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Schneider
Mrs. Sandra K. Silver
The Daniel H. and Maura McGill Mudd Charitable Gift Fund
The Noto Family Foundation
The Salvi Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Werner
Mr. and Mrs. David Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Withiam, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Zola

Scholars Circle - ($5,000.00 +)

Scholars Circle - ($5,000.00 + )
Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Colin Abernethy
Mr. and Mrs. Karl W. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bamford
Mr. and Ms. Ted Breck
Dr. Lance Bruck and Mrs. Michal Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Buchsbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Buerstetta
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bunder
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Burns
Mr. Edward Cesare '78 and Mrs. Christine Burke Cesare
Charles W. and Susan T. Moritz Charitable Trust
Davies Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davies
Debbie and Michael Bunder Family Philanthropic Fund
Mrs. Debra Levinson Dietz '90 and Mr. Bryan Dietz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doran
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Droogan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Failla
Farber Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Farber
Mr. Doug Fishkin and Ms. Eve Teich
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Freeman
Mr. Tom Graham and Ms. Caroline Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Haight
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hall
Sarita and Gregory Hanley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. David Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Houck
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hunt
Mr. Desmond Hussey '78
Mr. Robert Jones and Mrs. Stephanie Christie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Karr
Mr. David Katz and Ms. Louisa Lima
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lane
Mr. John Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Lehneis
Mrs. Susan Sklar Leibowits '88 and Mr. David Leibowits
Loglisci Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas R. Loglisci, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Maki
Ms. Micaela Malin
Dr. and Mrs. Suresh Mandava
Mr. and Mrs. George Marshman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Masotti
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mercein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mr. Charles Moritz '54 and Mrs. Susan Moritz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moye
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelli
Mr. and Mrs. Giles Nugent
Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Pohle
Mr. and Mrs. James Quigley
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Richter
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rozen
Mr. and Mrs. David Salomon
Sarita and Gregory Hanley Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Snover
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Spencer III
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Sherif Sweillam
Mrs. Patricia Boccuzzi Taccone '80 and Mr. Marc Taccone
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Teeter
The Claudia and David Hirsch Family Fund
The George J. & Jessica Harris Foundation
Dr. Craig Tifford and Mrs. Gail Tifford
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Toscano
Mr. Timothy Tully '82 and Mrs. Marianne Tully
Mr. and Mrs. William Wappler
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wathen
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Yassky

Founders Circle - ($1,000.00 +)

Founders Circle - ($1,000.00 + )
Anonymous (3)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ansel
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Athan
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Axelrod
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Aysseh
Mr. Scott Bale and Ms. Atikah Arifin-Bale
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bantle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bartimer
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon M. Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Brereton Bissell
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Blanco
Mr. and Mrs. James Bonfils
Mr. Maurizio Bonivento and Ms. Allison Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Braver
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bresnahan
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bretl
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Briggs '80
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Burgoyne
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Burston
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bussan
Mr. James Caissy '78
Mr. A. William Caporizzo, Jr. '78
Mrs. Karen M. Casey
Mr. Robert Castrignano and Mrs. Theresa Gribbin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cattano
Mrs. Elizabeth Rockwell Cesare '48
Mr. and Mrs. John Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Charcalis
Chilmark Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Christensen
Mr. William Clark '76 and Mrs. Amy Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeBow
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deegan
Mr. and Mrs. James Degnan, Jr.
Dr. Jack DeGrado and Dr. Rosemary Ryan-DeGrado
Dr. and Mrs. Kerry A. Demascus
Mrs. Phyllis DeMichele
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos O. Deschapelles
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dill, Sr.
Dill Family Foundation
Mr. Jim Dine and Mrs. Diana Michener
Mr. Stephen Ditri '82
Mr. and Mrs. Bhupinder Dohil
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Durst
Mr. G. P. Egbert, III '95
Mr. Roy Ellis Martinez and Mrs. Nora Ochoa de Ellis
Esposito Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Falcon
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Fellows
Mrs. Fiona Muir Fine '90 and Mr. Morgan Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fine
Mr. Donald Foley and Ms. Barbara Long
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Freeman
Ms. Patricia Gallagher
Mr. Timothy J. Gallagher
Mr. Tom Galvin
Mr. Neil Garfinkel '84
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Garnett
Mr. Eric Gerster and Ms. Mini Nunna
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Giventer
Mr. and Mrs. David Glinka
Mrs. Judy O'Connor Gluckstern '70
Mr. J. Graham Goldsmith '66
Mr. and Mrs. David Gooding
Mr. and Mrs. Carleton T. Goodnow
Mrs. Nancy Bowling Gramps '70 and Mr. Stephen Gramps
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Grills
Mrs. Aryn Lieberman Grossman '92
Mr. Peter Gundy and Ms. Nancy Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Halsch
Ms. Jenny Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hart
Mr. Paul B. Harvey '81 and Mrs. Ellen Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett W. Hoke
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Houle
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Howe III
Mr. Robert Jacobs and Ms. Claire Schultz
Ms. Gennell Jefferson
John and Mimi Kaplan Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kadlick
Mr. John Kaplan '78 and Mrs. Mimi Kaplan
Ms. Karyn Kornfeld Kobre '89
Mr. Jason Konidaris '89
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Koppenheffer
Mr. Andrew F. Kordas '71
Mr. and Mrs. Mohan Krishnan
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Lacerenza
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Lammens
Mr. and Mrs. William Landis
Dr. Gad Lavy and Mrs. Samantha Lavy
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Legge
Leonard A. & Mary Jane Schafer Foundation
Mr. Lance Levethan
Mr. Henry Lim and Ms. Dora Sung
Mr. Marcus Linden '84
Mr. and Mrs. Arjen H. J. Linders
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Lineberry
Mr. and Mrs. John Lombardi
Mr. Enrique Lopez-Balboa II and Ms. Monica Lynn
Mr. and Mrs. Diego Loret de Mola
Louis F. and Virginia C. Bantle Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Main
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Maronian
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marsella
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McDermott
Mr. Angus McGowan and Ms. Renata Ripa
Mr. Denis McInerney and Ms. Deborah Bers
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon McKee III
Mr. Daniel J. McMorrow
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McQuillen
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart J. Menking
Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Michalski
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Mirkin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Seiter Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Mullen
Mr. and Mrs. David Munno
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Hirad Nabilzadeh
Mr. and Mrs. Laxman Narasimhan
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Norton
Mr. William S. Ogden, Jr. '82
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O'Hare
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Onis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oudsema, III
Mr. and Mrs. James Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Christos G. Papanicolaou
Mr. Eric Pedersen and Dr. Patricia Calayag
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pigott
Mr. Ranjit Pookkottil and Dr. Radhika Jasthi
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Price
Mr. David H. Pritchard '83 and Mrs. Mindy Fox Pritchard '84
Pritchard Family Fund
Mr. and Ms. William Pufko, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Raidt
Randall and Marcia Voges Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Riley III
Robert Malin Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Robinowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Roer
Rogers Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rogers
Mr. Steve Rogers
Mr. John Rutere and Mrs. Miriam Kaggwa-Mwenda
Ms. Carrie Salvatore
Mr. and R. Peter Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Carmino Santomaro
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sapio
Ms. Sara Leppo Savage '86
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Scanlon
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Seiter
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Serkes
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. David Shiffman
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Sievert
Mr. Matias Silvani and Mrs. Maria Teresa Firpo-Silvani
Mrs. Paula Simon
Mr. Robert Simon '89
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Skolds
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smithline
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steib
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sterling
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Strom
Mr. Remo J. Tartaglia, Jr. '90
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Tatosian
Mr. Raymond Tellini and Ms. Kimberly Fine
The Aryn & Matthew Grossman Foundation
The Ballard Foundation
The Bowling Family Foundation
The Braver Philantrhopic Fund
The Jeff & Valerie Cohen Charitable Fund
The Rudolph & Gladys Miller Medical Foundation
Thomas and Marcella Barry Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tinnesz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Toal
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Toub
Mr. and Mrs. Tony R. Triano
Mr. Brian T. Trimmer
Mr. Chinmay Trivedi and Ms. Samita Tiwari
Mr. Anthony Truglia '77 and Mrs. Michelle Truglia
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Villard
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Voges
Mr. Gordon Walker and Ms. Nancy Geary
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Weisman
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Weisman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Welt
Mr. and Mrs. David Westpfahl
Mr. Jim Whamond
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Whittingham
Mr. Scott Widder and Ms. Stephanie Scarlata
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Wind

Virtues Circle - (Up To $999)

Virtues Circle - (Up To $999)
Anonymous (27)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. José Acosta
Ms. Alexis Adams
Ms. Jenna Adimari
Ms. Gail Albrecht
Ms. Marie Alexandre
Mrs. Janet Ramsey Aley '44
Mr. Morton Alper and Ms. Phyllis Wildman
Ms. Maude Murphy Ancone '00
Mrs. Natalia Vaughan Anderson '92
Mr. Lawrence W. Andrea '82
Mr. David Apicella
Mr. and Mrs. David Armetta
Ms. Amelia Arnold '12
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Arnold
Ms. Lori Auletta
Mrs. Lynn J. Bailey '79
Mr. John F. Baker '78
Ms. Kathryn Baker '06
Ms. Courtney Shea Ball '98
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Bamford
Ms. Louise C. Barnes '68
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremias Barrera
Ms. Diane Barrett
Mr. Frank Barros
Mr. Anthony Battles '69
Mrs. Suzy Beatty
Mr. Brenden F. Becker
Mrs. Katharine Draper Beery '94
Mr. and Mrs. Angus Begg
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Belden
Mrs. Lauren Onis Bellmare '03
Mr. Michael Bellwin '92
Ms. Beverly B. Belury '68
Mrs. Amanda Bencosme
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Bender, Jr.
Mr. Cody W. Benedetto '08
Mrs. Sonia Benedetto
Mr. Tyler S. Benedetto '11
Mr. David S. Beningson '81
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Dean S. Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benkwitt, III
Mr. Peter Bennett '82
Mrs. Sarey Frankel Bernstein '53
Mr. Jack Blattman '14
Drs. Seth and Arlene Blattman
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Bloom
Mr. Alexander Blumberg '13
Mr. David Blumberg and Ms. Amy Tardio
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Boccuzzi
Mr. David Bonner
Mr. Jason C. Bouton
Mr. and Mrs. Christiaan Brakman
Ms. Susannah Branch
Ms. Sara L. Breckenridge
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Briggs
Mr. Craig Brinker '61
Mr. Alexander Britton '14
Mr. and Mrs. T. Anthony Brooks
Mrs. Carol Shular Brown '87
Ms. Catherine M. Brown '02
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Brown
Mr. Steven Brown '77
Mr. Keeniun Brumskill
Mrs. Jenny Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bruzik
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bryson
Mr. Jeremy Buccolo '03
Mrs. Deborah Parsons Burns '55
Ms. Suzanne Burton '63
Mr. Christopher Butler and Ms. Wendy Skratt
Ms. Jennifer Butler
Mr. William Buttenwieser and Ms. Eugenie Diserio
Mr. Christopher Byrnes '00
Mrs. Nilda Canevari
Mr. and Mrs. Tysen Canevari
Mrs. Maria Carson
Mr. Scott Carson '84 and Mrs. Dawnya Carson
Mrs. Cynthia Ferris Casner '52
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Castle
Dr. Thomas Castonguay and Dr. Sharon Castonguay
Ms. Karen Cella
Mr. Benjamin Cesare '81 and Mrs. Kim Cesare
Mr. Nicholas Cesare '12
Mr. Joseph Cessario '96
Dr. Barun Chandra and Ms. Kaniya Wignaraja
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cheevers
Mr. and Mrs. Jagjit Chhabra
Mrs. Rosinne Kaliff Chlala '68
Dr. Gilles Chosson
Mr. James M. Clark, Jr. '77
Ms. Kimberly Clark '07
Mr. Frank Cleary '66
Ms. McKenzie Clippinger '15
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cloutier
Ms. Catherine Coates '03
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Coelho

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Cohen
Mr. Stephen Cohen and Ms. Lynn Villency Cohen
Ms. Corinne Collins
Mr. Bruce Cooper '50 and Mrs. Karen Cooper
Mr. Graham Copley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Correa
Dr. Edward M. Corwin '70
Mr. Colin H. Cosell '97
Mrs. Victoria Costabile '85 and Mr. Keith Costabile
Mr. R. Hugo C. Cotter '43
Ms. Elizabeth B. Couch
Mr. Brian Coughlan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cribbin
Mr. Matthew Cullen
Mr. Christopher Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Hank Cuthbertson
Mr. and Mrs. David Czaja
Ms. Lisa Dalinka
Daniel J. Hochman Donor Advised Fund
Ms. Amy J. Darnton
David and Rhonda Sherwood Foundation
Ms. Angela de Lara '66
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Decker
Mr. Nicholas DeFelice
Ms. Alicia Del Vecchio '15
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Del Vecchio, Jr.
Ms. Dana DelGaldo '05
Mr. John Della Jacono
Mr. and Mrs. Bob DeMartin
Mr. Kevin deRegt '07
Mrs. Mary Ann A. DeSantis
Mr. Christian Deschapelles '14
Mrs. Claudia Steinegger Dey '72
Mr. John Dickerson '93
Mr. Raymond DiGiorgio '87
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Dill, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carmine DiSunno
Mr. Alexander J. Doering '08
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Doering
Ms. Frederique Donovan
Mr. John Donovan and Ms. Lisa Trell
Ms. Alexandra Dorf '92
Mr. Matthew Frederick K. Dorf '88
Ms. Danielle Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Draper
Mrs. Nancy Stead Duble '45
Mrs. Erin Shaw Durante '88
Mrs. Lois Dusthimer
Ms. Vanessa Dyson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Eagleton
Mr. John Eagleton
Mr. Charles F. Eddy '43
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Ehlers
Mr. Alexander Ercklentz, Sr.
Mrs. Jennifer Ercklentz
Mrs. Kathy Ercklentz
Mr. Carlos Escalante
Mrs. Anna Failla
Ms. Bruce Fallon-Long '90 and Mr. Christopher Long
Ms. Margherita Farrell
Ms. Brooke Feder '89
Mr. and Mrs. Derek T. Ferguson
Mr. G. Neil Ferguson '72
Ms. Debbie Ferri
Mrs. Anne Kearns Fields '78
Mr. and Mrs. Agustin Figueroa
Ms. Julia Finkelstein
Ms. Karen Fiorito
Ms. Martha Rooney Fishel '68
Mrs. Jane Consolino Flounders '54
Ms. Katharina Focke '15
Mr. Christopher Foley '06
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fontana
Ms. Suzanne Forbes
Ms. Tessa Fox '13
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Frangiose
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Freeman
Mr. Bud Freund and Ms. Cathy Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Frey
Mr. Christos Galanopoulos
Mr. John P. Galassi, Jr. '62
Ms. Ana Gallegos
Ms. Hanna Galvin '14
Mr. Hector Garcia and Mrs. Blanca Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Garrigues
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gaskins
Mr. and Mrs. John Gault
Mrs. Edmee Geis '61 and Mr. David Geis
Mrs. Betsy Gell
Mrs. Elinor Georgopulo
Mr. Anthony Gesualdi
Ms. Katherine Gesualdi
Ms. Suzanne Gigante
Mr. Sebastian Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Gimpel
Mr. Wilder Gleason and Ms. Jennifer Boyd
Ms. Leslie Glenn
Mr. Laurens Goff
Mrs. Doris Goldstein and Mr. Ival Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan D. Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Rolando Gonzalez
Mr. Paul Goodfellow and Ms. Susan Vance
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gordon
Mr. Francisco Gracia
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Gray
Mr. Taylor Gray '09
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grbic
Ms.Tina Hatchl Greco '84
Mr. and Mrs. James Green
Ms. Patricia Green
Mrs. Cheryla Greene
Ms. Kinsey Greenfield '09
Dr. Michael Gribelyuk and Dr. Victoria Khiznichenko
Ms. Amelia Griffin '14
Mr. Kevin R. Griffin '08
Mrs. Joyce Grund
Mr. Anthony Guevara '93 and Mrs. Jennifer Guevara '97
Ms. Joanna Gwozdziowski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Haberny
Mrs. Dorothy Hackethal
Ms. Gretchen Hahn '05
Mr. Francis Haines '37
Mr. Peter Hall-Risko '07
Mrs. Sarah Vickery Hammett '48
Mrs. Sharon Hannibal '80
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Harrington
Ms. Carolyn Harris '60
Mrs. Coventry Scott Harris '65
Harry G. and Pauline M. Austin Foundation
Mrs. Barbara Bennet Hart '50
Mr. Michael Hart '14
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Haugenes
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Heine
Ms. Susan Heintz
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Henderson
Ms. Rachel Hennessey '09
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hennessey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hillenmeyer
Hillenmeyer Family Charitable Fund
Ms. Tina Kugel Hirsch '62
Mr. Daniel Hochman '83
Mr. Richard S. Hochman '80
Mr. David Hoffman '67
Mr. Jonathan Hoffman '98
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Houck
Mr. Ryan Houck
Mr. John B. Houghton
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Howell
Mr. Michael Huebsch '76
Dr. Timothy W. Hughes '95
Mr. Scott A. Huley '11
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Iafrate
Mrs. Sarah A. Ings '89
Ms. Margery B. Irish
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ivanhoe
Ms. Patricia Burton Jacoby '60
Mr. and Mrs. RJ Jacoby
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Claude Jean-Pierre
Mr. and Mrs. Barret Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnson
Mrs. Sharon Johnson
Ms. Evonne Jones '00
Mrs. Leona Jones
Mr. William Jones '53
Ms. Emma Jonsson
Mr. and Mrs. Kely Joseph
Mr. Veli-Matti Juntunen and Mrs. Sonia Rubio Castro
Mrs. Marnie Cale Kalkstein '62
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Kane
Mr. Jay B. Kane
Mr. Thomas Kaplan '76
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Karp
Ms. Danielle Karp '13
Mr. Doug Karp and Dr. Sharon Karp
Ms. Lauren Karp '09
Ms. Samantha Karp '11
Mr. and Mrs. John Keating
Mr. and Mrs. David Kelly
Mr. Walter Kelt
Mr. John L. Kennedy, Jr.
Ms. Jeannette B. Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. James Kerr
Ms. Elisheva Kilner '76
Mrs. Jennifer Safford Kimball '68
Mr. Francis J. King, Jr. '55
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kirk
Mr. Christopher Klein '00
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Knight
Mr. William Knobloch '45
Mrs. Jeanne Sutton Konefsky '46
Mr. Charles Koster '00
Mrs. Victoria Kramer
Mr. William Krasnor '92
Mr. Edward Kratovil '64
Dr. and Mrs. Nikolai Kukharkin
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kulick
Mr. and Mrs. James Kulig
Mr. and Mrs. Nirbhay Kumar
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kweskin
Ms. Jessica Landis
Ms. Donna Lane '68
Ms. Ran LaPolla
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Laramie
Ms. Sarah Larsen '01
Mrs. Jane E. Crusoe Lawrence '40
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Layman
Mr. Ian Lear-Nickum
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Glotzer Lebo '82
Mr. Paul Lee '47
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Leeds
Mrs. Kimberly P. Leeker
Mr. John Legrand '98
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Leist
Ms. Ann Lemmon '45
Mrs. Kate Larsen Leon '99
Mr. Theodore Levene '09
Mr. George Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Lewis
Ms. Ihui Li
Mr. Xiaodong Liao and Mrs. Hairong Zheng
Mr. Eli Lichtman '14
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lichtman
Ms. Polly Linden '86
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Linnan
Mr. Frederick M. Lione, Jr. '51
Mr. and Ms. Jorge Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. John Louizos
Mr. Vincent J. Love, III '09
Ms. Leigh Gallagher Lower '98
Ms. Elizabeth Banerjee Lowry '05
Ms. Jane B. Lowry '74
Mr. and Mrs. Neil P. Lucey
Mr. Michael Luery '73
Ms. Claudia Lydon
Ms. Siying Ma
Mr. Martin Maarbjerg '90
Ms. Denise Magalnick
Ms. Caroline Main '11
Mr. Ryan Main '14
Ms. Brinley Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. John Mancuso
Mrs. Patricia Moss Manganello '86
Mrs. Susan Corning Mann '45
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mansfield
Mrs. Susan Wilson Mansfield '68
Ms. Amanda Marcelle '07
Mr. Walter Markes and Dr. Jackqueline McLean-Markes
Mrs. Lisa Peterson Markey '82
Dr. Jacqueline Martino
Ms. Patti Massello
Mrs. Libby Baker Mattson '82 and Mr. Jeff Mattson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McAndrews
Mr. and Mrs. Taryn McCarthy
Mrs. Beverley Baldwin McCoid '52
Ms. Cynthia McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McGoran
Mr. and Ms. Danny McGuire
Mrs. Brooke McIlvaine
Mr. Don McKenne and Mrs. Wilma Stonestreet
Ms. Blair Travell McMorrow '68
Ms. Kathryn McMorrow
Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. McNulty
Mrs. Karen Meizels
Mr. Garrett Mendez
Mr. Peter Menking '08
Mr. Steven J. Menking '06
Mr. Aaron Metviner '09
Ms. Amanda Metviner '06
Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Metviner
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Metzler
Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Meyer
Ms. Alyssa Meyers '15
Ms. Denise Mihailoff
Mr. Brian Miller
Mr. Stanford Miller
Ms. Sophia Main Mirra '82
Mr. Alexander P. Mirza '13
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mishkin
Mrs. Susan Fritz Monahan '75
Ms. Jaquita Monroe '92
Mr. Frank Moore and Dr. Nichola Bott
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Morales
Ms. Anne Moriarty
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Morrill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morris, Jr.
Mr. Scott Morris '73
Ms. Paula Muir
Mrs. Patti Mullendore
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Munger
Mr. Lorenzo Munroe
Mr. Alan M. Muntner '04
Mrs. Adrienne Noble Nacev '69
Mr. Bryan Nahrwold '75
Nahrwold Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Nascimento
Ms. Beatrice Nash '15
Mr. Michael Nendick '84
Mrs. Lisa Nero
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Nichols IV
Ms. Katharine W. Nichols '02
Mrs. Cynthia Hancock Nicholson '71
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nobs
Ms. Marisa Nobs '14
Mrs. Allyson L. Noel
Mr. and Mrs. Khurram Nomani
Mr. Timothy T. Noonan
Mr. Fares Noujaim and Dr. Mirna Noujaim
Mr. David Nourse '00
Mrs. Cindy Sinnott Offermann '84
Dr. and Mrs. David W. O'Keeffe
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Olson
Mr. Patrick O'Neill
Ms. Robin Ordan
Mr. Max H. Orenstein '11
Ms. Kathleen O'Rourke
Mr. and Ms. Jowie Ortiz
Mr. Jeffrey Osta and Mrs. Suzana Lulaj
Ms. Sara O'Toole
Ms. Helen Paglia '14
Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore Pagliaro
Mr. Michael S. Pappalardo '92
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Parker
Ms. Pamela Parvin '68
Mr. and Mrs. John Patten
Ms. Nedgine Paul '04
Ms. Denise Peele
Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Perfumo
Mr. Gregory S. Pesky '86
Ms. Carol N. Sherwood Pettee '76
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Phillips
Phillips Family Fund
Mrs. Helen Raymond Phillips '63
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Phillips
Mrs. Joannah Vosburgh Pickett '93
Mr. Jonathan Piper '83
Mrs. Pamela Pitasi
Mrs. Analia Pizzi
Mrs. Suzanne Post Plaut '68
Ms. Yvonne Poley '73
Ms. Selina Policar
Dr. Richard W. Price '59
Mr. Andrew Pritchard '81 and Mrs. Bridget Pritchard
Mr. Timothy J. Pusack '01
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pusack
Mrs. Victoria Bush Quake '93
Mr. James Quigley '14
Mr. Frank Rabassa '85 and Mrs. Becky Rabassa
Ms. Hannah Rabin '07
Mrs. Julia Rachinsky-Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Raker
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Rather
Ms. Alison A. Ratliff
Mr. Samuel Raymond
Mr. Richard S. Reese '70
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Regan
Ms. Nancy Lexow Reichard '54
Dr. Joy Gaylinn Reidenberg '79
Mr. George A. Reilly '73 and Mrs. Lynn Reilly
Mr. Patrick Reilly and Ms. Suzanne McGrath
Mr. Richard Reininger '44
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Reiss
Mrs. JoAnne Roberts Reynolds '66
Mr. Espen Rikardsen and Mrs. Karen Laureano-Rikardsen
Mr. Joseph Rinaldi '14
Mr. Marc C. Rinaldi '91
Ms. Campbell Ritchey '14
Mrs. Jane Ritchey
Mr. and Mrs. Danilo Roca
Ms. Graciela Rodriguez
Ms. Pat Rogers
Ms. Emily Rooney
Mr. Hugh Rose '44
Mr. Stewart G. Rosenblum '66
Mr. Richard Rosenfeld and Dr. Tami Amiri
Mr. Christopher Roth '70
Mr. Joe Runge
Dr. Colin Ryan '02
Mrs. Lynne Raymond Ryan '52
Mr. Mark Lingle and Ms. Marnie Sadlowsky
Mr. Robert Sadowski '04
Mrs. Christie Salomon
Mr. Allen C. Salvatore '61
Ms. Jodie Sanchez-Shepard
Mr. Peter Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Santoro
Mr. Michael Santoro '09
Mr. Marc Saracino and Mrs. Shevon Morris-Saracino
Ms. Ranju Sarkar '00
Mr. Bryan Sarner '07
Mrs. Gail Sarner '75
Ms. Lauren C. Sarner '10
Mr. Richard Sarner '73
Mrs. Amy Cooper Savage '82 and Mr. John Savage
Ms. Emily Sayles
Mrs. Sophia Duckworth Schachter '53
Mr. Andrew Schoudel
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin I. Schwartz
Ms. Caroline Sciolla '11
Ms. Catharine Sciolla '13
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Seagren
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Segneri
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Selverstone
Mr. Michael Serricchio, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ladd Seton
Ms. Merrill Shafer
Ms. Riddhi Shah
Mr. Thomas E. Shahnazarian, Jr. '76
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Shaw
Mr. Michael J. Sheehan '03
Mr. Scott Shelton
Ms. Faith Eland Shepard '57
Mr. Paul A. Sherrington '83
Ms. Zandra A. Sherrington '86
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sherwood
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Shpetner
Mr. Manish Shrivastava and Mrs. Summi Verma
Ms. Michelle Sibrizzi
Ms. Lindsay Silbereisen
Mr. Joshua Silberfein '14
Mr. Mark Silence
Mr. John Silver
Mrs. Sandra Pitt Simandi '64
Ms. Iskah Singh
Dr. Myra L. Skluth '64
Ms. Jane Slocomb '68
Ms. Deirdre D. Smith
Ms. Karen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Smith
Ms. Emma Snover '14
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sommer
Ms. Michelle T. Sotire
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Spadaccini
Mr. Ken Spall
Mr. Carl Speare '96
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Standfest
Mr. Benson Stein '73
Mr. Thomas J. Stewart III '70
Mr. Alexander Stock '02
Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Stone
Mrs. Jean Doig Stout '59
Mr. Arthur G. Stratton, Jr. '46
Mrs. Abby Burns Sugden '85
Ms. Melissa Sullivan '10
Mr. and Mrs. Dave R. Supple
Mr. Ryan Sussan '06
Mrs. Joan Tinker Swift '45
Mr. and Mrs. David Tapscott
Ms. Jenna Temple
The Sogg Foundation
The Stonestreet McKenne Gift Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Timney
Mr. Griffith Titus
Mr. Joab Tjiungwanara and Mrs. Christina Focke
Ms. Katherine Tobin
Mr. Adam Tooter '02
Mr. Scott Tooter '01
Ms. Kenya Townsend-Frederick
Mr. Tung Tran
Mr. Peter Tryhane and Ms. Diane Martin-Tryhane
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Valenti
Ms. Judy A. Valentine
Mrs. Alison Platten Vanderbilt '70
Rebaca Varghese
Mr. Rudy A. Vega
Mr. Neuvi Villanueva
Mr. Carlo Vona, Jr. '93
Mr. and Mrs. George Vos
Voss Family Fund
Ms. Karin Wagner
Mr. Henry Wald '05
Mr. William D. Waldman
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Waldner
Mrs. Wendy Leyser Wallace '64
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wallace
Mr. Robert Waller
Mr. Xiaowen Wang and Ms. Zhen Qian
Mr. and Mrs. Karim Wardaki
Ms. Margot Waters Warner '68
Mr. Lee Waterhouse
Ms. Ellen Waters '72
Ms. Alison Weden
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Weiner
Mr. Jeremy Weinstein '96
Ms. Frances R. Wells '70
Ms. Maura Welt '15
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wempen
Mr. Gerald L. Werner '61
Mr. Jackson Wheeler '14
Mr. and Mrs. Rolando White
Mr. and Ms. Kenneth C. Wiegand
Mrs. Mary Barton Williams '42
Ms. Phyllis Wilmott
Mr. James Wilson '76 and Mrs. Judith Watts Wilson '76
Mrs. Mary Cregier Wilson '41
Dr. David J. Winnick '71
Ms. Laura Woelflein
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wright
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wyman
Mr. James Xu and Ms. Diana Yu
Mr. and Mrs. Jerett Yelton
Mr. Andrew Zaccagnino '07
Mr. Peter W. Zaccagnino '71 and Mrs. Laurie Taft Zaccagnino '72
Mr. John Zatorsky
Mr. Michael Ziegelbaum and Ms. Kim Reichig *
Mr. Daniel Zisson '91
Dr. Thomas A. Zoubek