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When students graduate from King, they are well equipped to succeed in college and to pursue lives of ongoing inquiry, learning, accomplishment, personal fulfillment and social responsibility. Meet some of our graduates who are achieving great success in a wide range of areas including STEM, arts, athletics, politics, humanitarianism, and International Relations.

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Taking a grassroots approach to leadership

John Qua '08

"King pushed me to take on leadership in ways that I don't think were available at other schools."

Emphasizing “and” not “or”

Ahmed M. Fattouh '91

"King produces well rounded graduates with diverse interests in and out of the classroom which helped me genuinely relate to many more people, which has been key to my career and life."

Nurturing a love of art

Bernard Edwards '91
“When I was at KLHT, I was in search of myself and screaming for individuality. My teachers nurtured that by guiding me toward art.”

Communicating through writing and teaching

Valarie Bolling '83

"I enjoyed the teachers and the high-quality instruction they provided. The writing instruction I had helped my writing improve exponentially."

Celebrating and creating memories

Rosinne Chlala '68

"We all became close friends and are close still; we celebrate milestones together."

Breaking barriers

Tracy Dufault '89

"Great leaders empower you to go for it and guide you and mentor you but get out of your way."

Changing education in Haiti

Nedgine Paul '04

"At King I started to fall in love with education. It was then that I started to explore how to get involved in education professionally and I started tutoring."

Determined to overcome obstacles

Vincent Love '09

"King was a huge part of my life, so to come back and be able to see those people who invested in me as a student-athlete means a lot to me."


Connecting topics in different disciplines

Elena Gribelyuk '18

“I recognized both the inherent beauty of the discipline as well as its crucial importance to other fields of knowledge.”

Living with a sense of community

Will Orenstein '09

"I still enjoy the sense of community that was a defining factor of my time at King."

Thinking on the spot

Jason Liu '18
“The ability to think on the spot and be creative during a solo, that quick thinking can help with academics.”

Finding passion in International Relations

Katrina Focke '15

"King's support allowed me to gain the confidence to move to France and gave me the guidance and support I needed to become the person I wanted to be."

Developing skills and friends for life

Alex Britton '14

"King prepared me by instilling the value of time management and organizational skills."

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