Class Agent Program

At King, we depend on a robust and enthusiastic body of volunteers to help us build and engage our diverse Alumni community. Critical in these efforts are Class Agents, who act as King's ambassadors: updating Classmates on important events, supporting our development efforts, and keeping the School in touch with as many Alumni as possible. Agents offer their time and talent, doing important work to help advance the mission of their alma mater.

Show your support and become a class agent by contacting the Development Office at today!

View the Class Agent List

Class of 1948: Sue Cesare
Class of 1953: Sarey Frankel Bernstein
Class of 1962: Nancy Wiadro
Class of 1964: Sandra Pitt Simandi
Class of 1966: Richard Jackson
Class of 1967: Cornelia Piper
Class of 1968: Susan Mansfield
Class of 1969: Robin Saunders
Class of 1971: Peter Zaccagnino
Class of 1973: Richard Sarner
Class of 1979: Lynn Bailey
Class of 1978: Kimberly Peters, Laraine Mancini Unik
Class of 1981: Roy Schindele
Class of 1982: Libby Baker Mattson, Tim Tully
Class of 1983: Paul Sherrington
Class of 1986: Heather Trojan
Class of 1988: Erin Shaw Durante
Class of 1990: Bruce Fallon-Long
Class of 1991: Christopher Lagan
Class of 1993: Victoria Bush Quake
Class of 1997: Jennifer Roselle Guevara
Class of 1998: Courtney Shea Ball
Class of 1999: Brandi Hunter
Class of 2000: Christopher Byrnes, Ranju Sarkar
Class of 2004: Jaqueline Montoya Cuscuna
Class of 2005: Gretchen Hahn
Class of 2006: Amanda Metviner
Class of 2007: Kimberly Shatzer, Amanda Reinemann
Class of 2008: Ashley Alebiosu
Class of 2009: Kinsey Greenfield
Class of 2010: Melissa Sullivan
Class of 2011: Max Orenstein
Class of 2012: Nicholas Hall-Risko
Class of 2014: Emma Snover
Class of 2015: McKenzie Clippinger
Class of 2016: Natalie Wind
Class of 2017: James Michalski
Class of 2018: Matt Roer, Caroline Strom