Katharina Focke '15 is in the Dual BA Program Between Columbia University and Sciences Po in Reims, France

Katharina Focke '15 is in the Dual BA Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po in Reims, France, situated 40 minutes outside of Paris, where she is studying the relations between North America and Europe. Katharina will return to Columbia University junior year, majoring in Political Science and Economics. Upon graduation in 2019, she will receive bachelor's degrees from both universities.

The regional campuses of Sciences Po include 1/3 of students from France, 1/3 of students from the area of study, in this case North America, and 1/3 from the rest of the world, most notably Europe. This allows for a very international group of students in Reims with many diverse backgrounds.

The opportunities that I was given at King truly shaped me and allowed me to develop inside and outside of the classroom. It was through the Model United Nations Team and the guidance of Mr. Galanopoulos that I found what I am passionate about: International Relations. The conferences that I attended through MUN helped develop my public speaking skills, something that I have been able to put to great use with the many oral presentations required at Sciences Po. Through organizing our MUN Conference at King, I gained the experience necessary to be involved in organizing our Model UN conference in Reims for several hundred students.

King prepared me not just university but also for my experiences abroad. King's support allowed me to gain the confidence to move to France for two years, a country whose language I did not speak. King gave me the guidance and support I needed to become the person who I wanted to be, and to make the decisions that I needed to make. Learn more about Global Education.