Alumni: Will Orenstein '09 talks about how he's stayed in touch with his classmates

Reflecting on his academics, Will recalls, "King's teachers are wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Marsh and Mrs. Weldon's classes - they inspired me to pursue my major in college and to write."

Will is appreciative of King's requirement that every student play a sport each year. He also reflected on the positive outcomes of being the lacrosse team captain in his junior and senior year, believing that he was a leader in several other areas of his life due to that experience. "I never would have played soccer or basketball if hadn't been required, but I am so glad I did."

Most of all, for Will, King was a community of students who compelled and inspired one another. "We are friends for life," Will adds.

Will, his fiancé, Emma, and their dog, Nutmeg, just moved back from California where they lived for the past three years. After graduating from Duke University with a degree in History of Economics and Business Culture, Orenstein accepted a paralegal position at an environmental law firm in Berkeley, California with the plan of pursuing a law degree. Instead, Will launched his company, Expense Counselors, which specializes in lowering your utility bills, in 2016 and moved back east to manage the quickly growing company.

"My father and I had been closely managing our household bills for years. We know that utility companies play games to charge you the most they can, and it is all about being aware of how the system works and staying on top of it."

Will explained that many companies offer a very appealing rate initially and then raise their prices and bill at much higher rates. As a consumer, calling the companies regularly can result in savings, but if anyone has been on hold for twenty minutes resulting in a frustrating phone call with no results, they know that it is hard to consistently make these calls. Expense Counselors reviews bills and handles the customer service, plus they know what it takes to maximize savings.

"We started saving lots of money for our own family by staying on top of it. Soon, our friends and neighbors wanted me to consult, and I realized after about 10 homes that I should start a business. So now, through Expense Counselors, we help people save money on electricity, cable, phone, Internet, cellular, SiriusXM, oil, and propane. Our clients save on average over $1,000 every year. They pay us only a fraction of their savings, so it is a win-win. We would love to manage everyone's utilities bills in Connecticut, and plan to!"

Running his own business is very exciting for Will. He sees the experience as a personal crash course for a MBA, which he plans to pursue. "I get to do everything - customer service and acquisition, legal work, marketing and web design, and sales. Speaking of, we are building our salesforce and would love to hire King grads!"

Will is glad to be home and looks forward to the opportunity to attend King games and alumni events. Look out for him at the next big event!