Tuition Assistance & Financial Aid

Throughout King School’s history, the school has sought to enroll the most capable and talented students.

By supplementing family tuition contributions, we seek to make a King education affordable for families from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Some of our families who receive assistance can afford very little of the tuition, while others can pay the majority of tuition. While considering King School as an educational opportunity for your child(ren), remember that it is our goal to make it possible for great students to attend our wonderful school.

At King School, we understand that affordability is relative, and each family situation is unique.

For this reason, we are committed to using a personalized assessment process to calculate financial aid. We take into consideration families who may also pay tuition elsewhere, or care for an elderly parent, or face other legitimate expenses. We seek to enroll bright and engaged children of working parents who can pay part of the King School tuition.

These need-based grants range from $5,000 to $40,000 annually and help bridge the gap between what families can reasonably be expected to contribute and the full cost of a King's tuition.

For the 2018-19 academic year, King awarded nearly $3 million in financial aid; approximately 18% of students received financial assistance.

The Financial Aid Committee uses School and Student Services (SSS), a service of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), to assess each family’s individual need. Financial aid is available only to US citizens.

We welcome and encourage families to contact us about financial aid – particularly those families who assume they will not qualify. For more information about qualifications and eligibility, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Sample Financial Aid Decisions

The examples below stem from decisions King’s Financial Aid Committee has made in recent years. While we have provided some basic financial information in each profile, it is important to understand that many other considerations can affect an award decision. If you would like to discuss your family’s specific circumstances in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Nina Newman at (203) 322-3496, Ext. 352.

Family A:

Parents earn a combined income of $220,000

Three children, ages 5 to 9

Total King Tuition: $112,020

King’s Financial Aid offer: $64,020

Family Contribution: $48,000

Family B:

Single parent earns an income of $65,000

One child, age 15

Total King Tuition: $41,550

King’s Financial Aid offer: $38,500

Family Contribution: $3,050

Family C:

Parents earn a combined income of $370,000

Two children, one in high school, one in college

Total King Tuition: $41,550

King’s Financial Aid offer: $7,500

Family Contribution: $34,050

Family D:

Parents earn a combined income of $175,000

One child, age 8

Total King Tuition: $36,310

King’s Financial Aid offer: $22,310

Family Contribution: $14,000

Process and Timeline

November 1

  • Parents may begin the application process at
  • Click on the prompt to begin your Parents' Financial Statement (PFS)
    • One PFS is required for each household. Non-custodial parents are required to complete a separate PFS
  • King’s school code is 4408

December 13 - Financial Aid Application Deadline

  • PFS must be completed at (see above)
  • 2018 Federal Income Tax Return (form 1040 and all attachments) must be uploaded to or mailed to: School and Student Services PO Box 449 Randolph, MA 02368-0449

February 1

  • 2019 W-2 must be uploaded to or mailed to: School and Student Services PO Box 449 Randolph, MA 02368-0449

February 14 - Admission and Financial Aid Decision Letters are Mailed

March 4

  • Accepted applicants notify King School of their decision and return enrollment contract and grant-in-aid forms to King

May 1

  • 2019 W-2 Federal Income Tax Return (form 1040 and all attachments) must be uploaded to or mailed to: School and Student Services PO Box 449 Randolph, MA 02368-0449
  • Upon receipt of the 2019 1040, the Financial Aid award is ratified

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should we apply for financial aid?

Independent School tuition represents a significant investment for any family. There is no specific income level at which a family no longer qualifies for tuition assistance. The following items are taken into consideration:

  • Income
  • Assets (investments, home equity, automobile, etc.)
  • Family size
  • Number of children attending tuition-charging institutions
  • Age of parents
  • Current debt (credit cards, mortgages, other loans, etc.)

After an allowance is made for basic living expenses and taxes, the remaining funds are considered discretionary income, a portion of which is assumed available for education.

Although we would like to provide firm guidelines to help you decide whether or not to apply for assistance, we have found that each family’s combination of circumstances is unique. If you are unable to afford our tuition, you should apply for financial aid.

  1. Who determines eligibility and financial aid awards?

The Financial Aid Committee, comprised of the Head of School, the Director of Admission and Financial Aid, and the Associate Head of School, Finance and Operations, uses the recommendation of SSS by NAIS in addition to supplemental information to determine eligibility and awards.

  1. Are allowances made for siblings attending independent or religious elementary, secondary, or post-secondary school?

King makes allowances for siblings in independent or religious schools through college or age 24. However, we do not make allowances for siblings in graduate school.

  1. If we pay full tuition initially, can we apply for financial aid in subsequent years?

It is important to understand that our program is budgeted on a multi-year basis according to current participation and planned new enrollment. Therefore, families enrolling at King without the use of tuition assistance are expected to contribute at full tuition amounts in subsequent years. In the case of a dramatic change in family circumstances, families may apply for tuition assistance, however, funding may not be available to meet full demonstrated need.

  1. Does financial aid cover other school expenses?

All families receiving tuition assistance are eligible for assistance for mandatory school trips and optional travel opportunities. Some families may also qualify for supplemental funding that supports fees, transportation, and after-school childcare. Please contact the Director of Admission and Financial Aid for more information regarding eligibility requirements.

  1. Will financial support continue in future years?

If your circumstances do not change significantly, you can expect your contribution to remain about the same from year to year. In allocating our budget, priority for financial aid goes to returning students who currently receive grants. Each family’s level of contribution is re-assessed each year to assure that we are meeting current demonstrated need. If a family’s financial profile improves, they may be expected to contribute at an incrementally greater proportion. Likewise, if a family experiences a financial setback, their tuition contribution may be adjusted to take their new circumstance into consideration.

  1. Will we be expected to pay back the financial aid award we are given?

No, financial aid is a grant, not a loan. You are not expected to pay it back. We do hope that you will make King School your philanthropic priority when you consider charitable donations.

  1. What about separated, divorced, or never-married parents?

King considers the income and assets of any adult who plays a significant role in a student’s life. All adults (mothers, fathers, step-parents, guardians, etc.) are required to submit all forms to SSS. Each household should submit a separate SSS application.

  1. Will my application for financial aid affect my child’s chances for admission?

No. Admission decisions are based on individual merit, not on the ability to pay. However, due to a limited amount of financial aid dollars, King is not able to award grants to every student who qualifies. Students who have applied for Financial Aid and are accepted to the school, but are not offered financial aid, will receive a letter with this information.

10. How can I get more information?

Your admission interview is the first place to have questions answered. You may also contact Nina Newman, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, at or (203) 322-3496, Ext. 352.


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