Food & Lunch

Lunch Menu

The King School lunch menus are always located on the MyKing resource page. There is also an app for both iPhone and Android. Search for "Flik is dining."

Food Allergy Policy

The School takes reasonable steps to prevent possible contaminants from entering the school environment. Our food service is an “allergen-aware” food provider. The recipes do not contain nuts and our food service does not purchase items that list nuts in the ingredient statement. It is expected that parents and students join us in this effort by not sending or bringing any nut contaminated food to school in a child’s lunch, snack, or other food. Also, while certain arts and crafts activities may call for nut-contaminated materials, the School makes an effort to substitute nut-free materials for the nut-contaminated materials. However, while we make every effort to be allergy aware, we cannot guarantee that our environment will be free of food allergens.