New Parent Testimonials

"I was extremely impressed with the admission staff, the students and the faculty at King. We did not apply to any other private schools as none I looked at were remotely competitive with King in terms of what we want for our son."

"Lovely and warm people all around at King. We felt much more welcomed at King than at other schools."

"My daughter had a very positive experience at her school visit. I found my conversation with the Admission team informative, helpful and most enjoyable. I felt Admission wanted to take the time to understand my impressions of my daughter as a multidemensional person."

"The King admission process was by far the best of any school we visited."

"The current King families I spoke to raved about the school."

"I think the quality and reputation of the faculty as outstanding teachers were our most important initial reason to apply to King. My daughter's visits to the school and the warmth and friendliness of the students, faculty, and admission staff really vaulted King to the top of our list (and hers!)"