King School Students

Lower School FAQ

The best way to learn about King's Lower School is to visit campus.

Here are a few questions that we hear from interested parents. We hope that you find this information helpful as you narrow down the right education choices for your child.

How is King School different from other schools?

King students are inspired in a community that unites academic challenge, kindness, and personal growth. We are a student-centered school that values deep academic engagement within a program that is challenging and relevant to the lives our students will lead when they go into the world. We seek to know and understand students, since our relationships with them are the foundation upon which their academic, social, and emotional development are built. Our kind culture is exemplified in how we communicate with and serve one another. King is ahead of the curve in understanding what children need to become nimble thinkers; healthy people in mind, body, and spirit; and active, respectful, passionate participants in their community – in short, the best versions of themselves.

How does King challenge students?

King students, guided by expert faculty, take responsibility as active learners in a student-centered program that asks them to stretch their capacity, and by providing rich opportunities for growth, to strive to realize their individual potential. Faculty, partnering with a team of Directors of Teaching and Learning, leverages emerging insights from cognitive science and educational best practices. Underpinning teachers’ deep understanding of each student is a comprehensive student learning profile, introduced in PreK and developed through senior year. This proprietary database captures learning strengths, challenges, and goals, and provides a window into a student’s social and emotional development to support the guided development of core 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, and personal responsibility. Students can graduate with a Certificate of Distinction in STEM, Leadership, Global Studies, World Languages, and Visual Arts. Students are encouraged to develop their talents and pursue leadership experiences in the lab, on the field, on the stage, in the art studio, and in music. Lower School students star in a Variety Show and Grade 5 presents a musical. Enrichment offerings also include Math Olympiad, Lego Mindstorms, Chess, and King Cares Service Program.

How would you describe the King community?

Our community prioritizes kindness. Students thrive in a multicultural community, feeling known and supported to take appropriate risks to achieve academic and personal growth. Students with a range of backgrounds from 30+ towns learn together in our diverse, vibrant community that celebrates different perspectives and embraces our shared virtues of integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect. Students, faculty, and parents support King Cares array of coursework, clubs, and travel opportunities.

Does King offer robust programs in STEM and reading and writing?

Yes! STEM is integrated throughout PreK-Grade 12 and students understand how these disciplines influence one another. Lower School students develop concepts of computer programming and enhance their fine motor skills using iPads, Scratch programming, and animation software. The Singapore Math Program teaches solid skills in numeracy, pattern recognition, and geometric relationships. Students learn to read carefully, write clearly, think critically, research thoughtfully, and communicate powerfully.

How does King prepare students for the transition to Middle School?

King uses an intentionally designed, two-year Grade 5/6 sequence as an incremental progression into middle school to prepare early adolescents for greater academic, social, and emotional success in the middle and upper schools. This progression capitalizes on the developmental stage of Grade 5 students by positioning them as confident leaders while exposing them to content, skills and transitional experiences to prepare them for future challenges.

How do King teachers grow professionally?

King’s on-going Professional Growth and Development (PG&D) furthers teachers’ own learning in the areas of both student development and content mastery. King makes among the highest investments in PG&D among our peer schools. 100% of teachers participate in at least two PG&D training sessions each year.