Application Process & Timeline

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At King, we view the application process as building a portfolio for each student. Every element, from the interview to the teacher recommendations to the report cards, is woven together to help the admission committee understand how our applicants may best enrich our community.

Please read the important information for all applicants as well as the grade-specific requirements before beginning the application. 

As always, contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • To make the application process easier and more efficient for your family, King School uses SSAT’s Standard Application Online (SAO). Many of our peer schools also use the SAO. We hope that you will find this helpful and that it will free up your time to be thoughtful about finding your best fit school. 
  • Start your application by following the instructions to complete the Student Profile and submit your application fee. The code for King School is 4395. Applications started after December 13 will be considered on a rolling basis. Please contact the Admission Office for information.
  • Please note: You may return to your application at any time to complete the Parent Statement and Student Essays (if applicable) and to request Teacher Recommendations and Transcript Release Forms.

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Key Dates

September 1: Application is open

November 1: Financial Access Application process begins

Applications completed after December 13 will be considered on a rolling basis and are not guaranteed to have an admission decision by February 18.

February 18: Admission and Financial Access Decision Notifications

March 10: Enrollment Contract Due

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