Juan Vicente Ellis Ochoa '18 is Honored for Embracing Art

Juan Vicente was recently honored with two awards for his involvement in our local community through his non-profit organization 'Embracing Art.' In August, he was recognized by Latincolors Magazine and in October he received the Greenwich Art Council Certificate of Excellence Award in recognition of his 'personal commitment, dedication and tireless effort and constant support of the Council's activities.'

According to Latincolors magazine, 'Through Embracing Art, Juan Vicente managed to develop a meeting platform between different cultures, languages and social-economic classes, establishing communication links among children, teenagers, and adults who attend the different art workshops and with his Scholarship program.

This award is proof that Juan Vicente is an example for the community, and for the present and future generations, building a legacy with his noble heart, love for his neighbors, passion for the arts, education, and values."

Congratulations to Juan Vicente and the entire King Community celebrates this accomplishment.