Dreaming Big: Six King Students are selected as Moffly Media Teens to Watch





In September, Moffly Media publishes their 'Top Teens to Watch' issue in Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan/Darien, and Westport/Wilton Magazines. Students who live in each town are selected based on their outstanding achievements, intelligence, and passion.

This year, six King students were selected and editors at Moffly Media write, "Their focus, determination, ambition and clarity makes them so admirable that it's easy to forget that many of this year's teens can't even vote yet. But as each of them swiftly ticks off their accomplishments, awards and leadership roles, it's easy to see that they are already amazing. And these go-getters are just getting started." Congratulations to the following group:

Sam Hillenmeyer '21: Career Goals: "I want to create a more efficient energy source that does not cause any harm to the environment." If I could change the world, I would..."wipe out terrorism." 

Wafa Nomani '21: I would love to cure..."diseases that result from an impoverished state. Water-related, hygiene-related, nutrition-related and parasite-related diseases should not be in our world today, yet they're still prevalent and a major cause of death in impoverished communities."

Read Sam and Wafa's feature here.

New Canaan/Darien:
Thomas King '20 (TK): I give back by..."Sharing my passion for soccer with others. My service work with The Orphaned Starfish Foundation has allowed me to do this. During spring break the past two years, I've been able to work at an orphanage in Colombia." In college I hope to major in..."Math, science and economics are definitely strong possibilities." Read TK's feature here. 

Grethe Andersen '19: What teacher had the greatest impact on you? "I think that Mr. Lear-Nickum, who was my teacher for AP euro and AP comp gov. Those classes allowed me to hone my critical thinking and analytical writing skills, as well as catch some of his infectious passion for global politics and history."

Jason Marsella '21: What teacher had the greatest impact on you? "Lindsey Rossler, my tenth-grade history teacher, because she taught me the importance of long-term education. She taught me that school is much more important than just memorizing information and then spilling it out on a quiz or a test. She explained how valuable my classmates' and my opinions are and how our opinions will drive the future."

Read Grethe and Jason's feature here.

Harry Amadeo '20: What is it about rockets? "To me, rockets are a gorgeous unity of all STEM subtopics. To hear a rocket roar, as the multi-thousand-degree gas comes hooting out the nozzle at hypersonic speeds and to actually feel the rocket's burn are what continually draw me back into rocketry." Read Harry's feature here.

Congratulations to Sam, Wafa, TK, Grethe, Jason, and Harry! Read their full features in the September issues of Moffly Magazines.