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Congratulations to the newest members of the Cum Laude Society

Nine members of the Class of 2020 joined an elite group as inductees into the Cum Laude Society. They joined eight of their classmates who were inducted last year. This year, as we are learning remotely, each inductee was recognized and celebrated via a personalized video in which faculty members recounted their experiences partnering with the inductee as they pursued their paths to excellence at King. 

Dr. Zoubek, Chair of the Cum Laude Society Committee and Chair of Social Sciences Department, shared his thoughts on this achievement: 

"It is worthwhile to reflect for a moment on the qualifications and merits of those to be honored today as well as those who were honored last year. They are students for whom the pursuit of learning for its own sake is its own reward. They are students who accept new challenges with zeal and who work diligently to realize their goals. They are self-disciplined and have a powerful work ethic honed over the years that allows them to tackle each new project and maintain a consistently high level of achievement. They are students who will take the extra time to meet with teachers and work both independently and collaboratively with peers to realize success. These students have chosen rigorous academic programs and have met the requirements of all those courses of study and have often exceeded them. It is their sustained excellence over the entire course of their high school careers that marks them as worthy of consideration, although that is not to say that they have not grown emotionally and intellectually during the journey.

This journey was not however undertaken alone. They have been helped along the way by caring, engaged parents, and benefited from the expectations and support of our faculty. Likewise, many of them have benefited through the sharing of ideas that takes place amongst peers during class discussions and through working collaboratively. The sharing of ideas, presentations, and defense of positions, the construction of compelling arguments, and the posing of provocative questions are all means through which students create intellectually stimulating environments for one another and further one another's learning. This engaged participation is also at the root of what makes King a respected institution.

In sum, this is about academic achievement and individual intellectual success combined with commendable traits of character. Yet it also honors the environment and process of learning at King of which all of us are a part. It is this desire to learn simply to know that is manifested by those honored today as well as by many others who may be deserving of honors themselves and may realize them in other ways and means.

To quote Albert Einstein; 'Wisdom is not a product simply of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.' 

The motto of the Cum Laude Society is Arete, Dike, Time-Excellence, Justice Honor. Arete includes the concept of excellence in the moral sense and is not limited to the ideal of superiority and scholarship, nor does it involve the endeavor of competing primarily for academic goals. Dike includes the concept of what is suitable and appropriate, as well as just. Time includes the concept of dignity and truth, as well as honor."

Congratulations to our new inductees from the Class of 2020:
Harry Amadeo
Olivia Borchetta
Samantha De Chiara
Eric Degter
Eliza Heaton
Andrew Jennings 
Tom King
Christopher Parrott
Alec Sherman

Class of 2020 inductees from last year include:
William Cline
Diana Degnan
Catherine King
Kaelin Main
Michelle Mule
Taylor Perlman
Jessica Price
Olivia Sheridan