Congratulations to MS and US Athletic Awards Recipients

Students, Faculty, and Coaches gathered recently in the PAC for the 2017-2018 Winter Athletics assemblies, for Upper School students on Wednesday, Feb. 28 and Middle School students on Thursday, Feb. 22.

The dedication and constant effort each athlete contributed in practices and games enabled teams to be the best that they could be, and all athletes are to be commended for a successful season. Congratulations to our Upper School and Middle School Athletic Awards Recipients for the Winter season. Learn more about King Athletics and view videos from the Awards Assemblies here.

Upper School Awards Recipients

Varsity Girls Basketball
Most Valuable Player: Alonna Christy
Most Improved Player: Lily Davis
Coaches Award: Abigail Price

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
Most Improved Player: Ryan Heaton
Coaches Award: Matthew Roer

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
Most Improved Player: Peter Marsh
Coaches Award: Ethan McOsker

Varsity Boys Basketball
Most Valuable Player: LeVaughn Lewis
Most Improved Player: Alex Canevari
Coaches Award: Renn Lints

Varsity Ice Hockey
Most Valuable Player: Richard Focke
Most Improved Player: Davis Knight
Coaches Award: Cameron Raker

Most Valuable Player: Maeve Snover
Most Improved Player: Riley Hicks
Coaches Award: Delaney Harris

Most Valuable Player: George Taylor
Most Improved Player: Alexander Lim
Coaches Award: Davis Shattan

JV Squash
Most Improved Player: Tyler Ferdinand
Coaches Award: Thomas Copley

Most Improved Player: Santiago Silvani
Coaches Award: Alexander Knorr

Most Improved Player: Meredith Marra
Coaches Award: Sydney Fishkin

Middle School Awards Recipients

Girls Basketball
Sportsmanship Award: Gillian Frey
Most Improved Player: Elizabeth King
Coaches Award: Rebecca Laramie
Sportsmanship Award: Lily Ryan
Most Improved Player: Isabella White
Coaches Award: Caroline Steib

Boys Basketball
Sportsmanship Award: Dalton Aysseh
Most Improved Player: Rayan Nabilzadeh
Coaches Award: Prathik Kosanam
Sportsmanship Award: Billy Bennett
Most Improved Player: MJ Watts
Coaches Award: Jeremy Cooke
Sportsmanship Award: Al Nickerson
Most Improved Player: Kenny Backes
Coaches Award: James Raidt

Ice Hockey
Sportsmanship Award: Brigitte McGuire
Most Improved Player: Ava Gillespie
Coaches Award: Ashton Benkwitt

Sportsmanship Award: Tucker Pedersen
Most Improved Player: Jonathan Decker
Coaches Award: Aidan Bresnahan

Sportsmanship Award: Josephine Butler
Most Improved Player: Gouri Krishnan
Coaches Award: Owen Donovan

Sportsmanship Award: Olivia McGrath
Most Improved Player: Ellie Glinka
Coaches Award: John Young
Strength and Conditioning
Coaches Award: Norah Shattan
Coaches Award: Connor Karr