Senior Projects

During the month of May, all seniors develop and complete their own Senior Projects. The program encourages seniors to study, work, or become involved in exploring an area of interest that engages and inspires them. This can also be an ideal time to become involved in or continue with community service. Many seniors have found a project of this nature to be very rewarding. Participation in the program may also give them a small taste of real-life time management, commitment, and planning. This program is seen as a gift of time, after some very busy years, to do something they have wanted to do but never had time for. The program culminates in the Senior Project Presentation Fair, during which seniors are expected to present their projects to King faculty, students, and parents.

This year's project period is May 2-22. Presentations take place on June 2.

Guidelines, regulations, and important dates will be updated on this page in the coming months. Students will be completing the project proposal with their King advisor in Google Classroom. It is important to note that all arrangements are the responsibility of the student, who will have guidance from his/her personal advisor.

Throughout the process, it will be emphasized that this project is theirs to conceive and manage on their own.

The committee in charge of this program is made up of the following Upper School faculty members:

Chair: Megan Yelton

Committee Members: Jonathan Coulombe and Tricia Manganello

Again, we are so pleased to give this opportunity to our seniors. Please feel free to ask questions of any member of the Committee.

Senior Project Signature Form - to be completed via Google Classroom

Senior Project Proposal Form - to be completed via Google Classroom