Clubs & Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in at least one activity outside of the classroom. They may choose from a variety of offerings listed below. The clubs meet during a flex period or after school twice a month. There are over 25 club activities from which US students may choose that provide them with opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and personal development. Many of our clubs have long associations with the School, while others reflect the interests of students who choose to form a new club.

For information like club advisor, student leader(s), meeting dates, and times, current Upper School students and parents can visit our Club Schedules and Club Leaders and Advisors document. This information is also available via the Resources board on MyKing.

The following clubs and activities are offered, divided into four distinct categories:


Publication and Multimedia Groups

Enrichment Groups

King Cares Service Clubs

The King Cares Service Club combines various service interests into one program. This club will establish goals and initiatives related to both longstanding causes (KSPCA) and recent events (hurricane relief efforts). The clubs listed below fall under the King Cares umbrella.