Clubs & Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in at least one activity outside of the classroom. They may choose from a variety of offerings listed below. The clubs meet during a flex period or after school twice a month. There are over 25 club activities from which US students may choose that provide them with opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and personal development. Many of our clubs have long associations with the School, while others reflect the interests of students who choose to form a new club.

For information like club advisor, student leader(s), meeting dates, and times, current students can view the Clubs & Activities Details.

The following clubs and activities are offered, divided into four distinct categories:


King School Ambassador Club

The King School Ambassador Club is for current students who are interested in working with the admission office to share The King Experience with prospective students. Throughout the year, club members will work with Admissions and Senior Leaders to educate interested families by giving tours of the Upper School during free periods, volunteering at important admissions events, hosting prospective students for initial visits in the fall or revisit days in the spring. Ambassador Club members are necessary volunteers in October for the annual Open House when prospective students and families have the opportunity to meet with students and teachers to learn more about King School. Meetings will be held every few weeks in order to discuss how students can better market the school to the community. This club is perfect for all Upper Schoolers looking to share school spirit and teach others what makes King so special!


Milestones is a club whose members aim to cultivate a community of diversity, equity, and inclusion at King. We meet once per rotation for insightful conversations on a wide variety of social issues that have a monthly focus and culminate in events that may be coordinated with partner clubs. Committed to developing constructive dialogue and broadening understanding of complex and often controversial topics, we come together to discuss, generate, and post educational materials around campus and on King social media sites to raise awareness of target issues throughout the school year. We also organize a social event (movie/dance/game night) at least once per semester to celebrate the fun and progress of joining together in shared purpose.

Student Activities

Student Activities this year will continue to play an important and exciting role in the King Upper School this year. From spirit week to planning prom, we will organize many events for our community this year. Come join and have a lot of fun this year! We will also have donuts at every meeting!

Student Council

The purpose of this student organization is to represent the interests and activities of the student body and to create a liaison with Faculty and Administration. The Council seeks to promote a positive school culture and school spirit through a variety of initiatives and offers important leadership opportunities.

Math Teachers' Assistants

In the Math Teachers’ Assistant club this year, the club members will be running the math help desk during the free periods. Our goal is to provide math help to all students and to make people more comfortable and confident in asking for help and honing their math skills.

Publication and Multimedia Groups


The purpose of this student organization is to create an environment in which students have the freedom and support to write and present their own poetry, short stories, vignettes, and even chapters of developing novels to their peers each week. After receiving constructive criticism from club members, students are encouraged to rewrite and then submit their work to the club’s publication, “Ink,” that is published once per year. This club ultimately aims to tap into and expand the School’s literary community.

The Standard

At The Standard, we will write, edit, print and distribute a student-led, student-driven newspaper to the King community. The paper will be a place for students to report news about King and beyond, publicize their thoughts in opinion pieces and flex creative, innovative ideas in print.


In the yearbook club this year, the club members will be working on the athletic spreads for the yearbook. We will be working on design, photography, and journalism elements to document the athletic year at King.  

Enrichment Groups

Art Club

The Art Club provides an opportunity for students to use the art facilities and supplies to create their own artworks. Supervision and instruction are available as students work independently on projects of their own design. At the end of the school year, Art Club members display their work in the mezzanine gallery for all to enjoy.

Civics - Young Democrat's Club

General meetings each rotation with club members to discuss current political issues and to learn about policies and candidates ahead of elections. On occasion, we will bring candidates to campus to discuss relevant issues. 

Civics - Young Republican's Club

The Young Republicans Club meets every rotation to discuss current events, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. This year, we plan on having several debates with the Young Democrats Club (for context, last year we had debates on a range of topics including gun control and abortion) and look forward to sharing our opinions and developing our public speaking skills, while also learning from the wealth of perspectives that this school has to offer. Further, we plan on compiling a list of potential speakers at our first meeting, as we have done in the past, and will plan on inviting relevant speakers regularly. As we are entering into the election cycle for 2020, we are also excited to conduct regular polling of the student body this year for us to discuss and analyze during club meetings.

Debate Team

On Debate Team, we compete in monthly debates held by the Connecticut Debate Association. This club fosters the skills of ad hoc speaking, fast rebuttal and logical construction and presentation of arguments.

Drama Club

You’re probably reading this right now saying “What IS drama club, and how do I join??”. If you don’t know what the drama club is, we work to promote the shows, work on the theater banquet (get together at the end of the year for all theater goers), and maybe even going to see local or professional shows! It’s going to be a blast! 

GAINS (Girls Advancing in STEM)

The goal of the club is to give girls the opportunity to try different things so that they are exposed to different STEM fields, allowing them to explore their interests. It also opens the opportunity to meet possible mentors from professional environments. We will be attending the GAINS conference in NYC in the spring as well as smaller conferences throughout the year.

Gender Equality Club

The Gender Equality Club is a place to discuss, disseminate and combat gender discrimination, gender bias and the stigma around feminism. We will be undertaking multiple projects throughout the year, including a trip to the Women's March in January and a mural on the glass staircase, as well as weekly discussions about gender equality in the past and present.

French Club

🇫🇷The French Club is a place where students can get together to learn and discuss the French language and culture. Every meeting, there will be a new French song to listen to and a new type of food to try, like cheeses and pastries. There will also be new French vocabulary,  interesting facts and news about Francophone countries, and the occasional French movie. Students will learn about the French language and culture in a fun and exciting way that will foster a love for the language. You don’t need to be taking a French course to join this club; all are welcome to enjoy the learning (and the snacks). For our project, we are planning on showing a French movie in the PAC towards the end of the year as an opportunity to de-stress. We were also thinking of a field trip to a French restaurant (most likely Le Fat Poodle). 🇫🇷


In the Investment Club, students with any level of knowledge will gain a better understanding of what it means to invest, different forms of investments, and how they can apply this knowledge to their life. Students will learn through presentations and discussions and will compete against each other through an investment simulator. At the end of the year, students will show off their investing skills in the Stock Market Challenge, a regional competition.

Math Team

The Math Team is a group of students whose knowledge and love for Mathematics is outstanding. The students compete with 25 Fairfield County schools six times per year. Prior to attending meets, students must complete at least 48 problems in a packet handed out by the Math Team coaches. They also must take a short quiz, which will assess their preparedness for attending the meet.

Microfinance/Social Entrepreneurship

The club intends to lend small amounts of money to businesses and entrepreneurs, who otherwise could not get loans. Throughout the selection process our aim is to choose businesses that will offer long term economic/social benefits to their community. The club will present its efforts to the student body to raise awareness in the King community.

Model UN

Members of the Model UN club will have the opportunity to attend simulations of real United Nations conferences. We will be attending three major conferences, Brown University Simulation of The United Nations, Harvard Model UN, and Boston College Model UN. We spend around three days at each of these conferences, interacting, discussing, and resolving major issues with people from around the world. Additionally, King hosts its own conference to prepare students of all skill levels for the major conferences.

Club members need not have amazing debate or public speaking skills. A desire to learn and improve is perfect for this club. Students will be assigned a particular Country in a United Nations committee. They will research their country to learn about its particular views and positions on a topic. Through negotiations with other people representing other countries, club members will help to form a resolution that aligns with their country’s stance. Model UN helps develop leadership skills, give students a global perspective, and is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone in experiences unmatched by any other club.

Robotics Club

The mission of the King School Robotics Club is to design, construct, and program robots. These robots will complete tasks, compete against other robots or automate repetitive tasks within King's campus. This club is open to all students regardless of their engineering or programming background. We hope to not only teach robotics but to also learn new things from our peers.

Rocketry Club

In this club we work with rocketry, be it learning about how rocket propellant works within the motors or how to increase altitude. We plan to participate in the Team America Rocket Challenge, which is to launch a rocket to a very specific altitude on medium-power motors.


The purpose of this club is to promote STEM within the School. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The frisbee club is an after school activity designed to help students learn, or strengthen, their skills in the sport of ultimate frisbee. We will conduct practices with student coaches to help players develop their athletic abilities. The frisbee club will include the option for players to participate in the USA Ultimate league against teams from other schools. Nearing the end of the year, the club will host an ultimate frisbee tournament for all King students to participate in. Students will create their own teams and pay to join the competition. All funds received from the entry fee will be donated to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. The ultimate goal of the club is for students to have fun, learn more about the incredible sport of ultimate frisbee, and hopefully raise some money for a good cause.

King Cares Service Clubs

The King Cares Service Club combines various service interests into one program. This club will establish goals and initiatives related to both longstanding causes (KSPCA) and recent events (hurricane relief efforts). The clubs listed below fall under the King Cares umbrella.

Environmental Club (King Cares)

The environmental club will run with the goal of spreading awareness about the severity of modern environmental issues to the school and King community and also will work to make King a more sustainable, environmentally conscious school. We plan to run a series of initiatives in the coming school year.

HOPE (Helping Other People Excel)

The purpose of this student organization is to participate in community service opportunities within and beyond our community. HOPE completes service projects in which members participate and encourage non-members to come in order to experience the benefits of helping others. To receive credit for participating in the club, students must attend at least three of the monthly projects during the year, and bring at least one non-member to a community service opportunity. HOPE club includes PEACE(tutoring after school) and Pediatric Cancer Club(visiting children with cancer in local hospitals.)

KSPCA (King's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

The KSPCA Club focuses on raising awareness on animal cruelty and working to prevent it. We have many projects that we intend to work on such as a presentation on stereotypes, fundraisers for multiple shelters, bringing in adoption shelters to speak about the benefits of adoption, speaking of instances in which veterinarians are put into tough situations due to cruelty, and a possible adoption event during homecoming weekend.

King Music Club (King Cares)

The Music Appreciation Club will offer a place for students to gather and share the music they love. The club will serve snacks and students will have time to listen, share, and talk about their favorite music. This year we will be working closely with the volunteer group, Project Music, by meeting with some of the Project Music kids and helping organize the King Music Festival in the spring. I look forward to seeing some of you at our meetings!

Stamford PEACE

Stamford Peace is built on a foundation consisting of teamwork, discipline, leadership, and sportsmanship. Stamford Peace uses the game of basketball as a vehicle through which to positively influence academic achievement, community service, and other life skills within Stamford and other lower Fairfield County communities. To that end, the Beyond Limits Academic Program, launched in 2013, employs a peer-to-peer approach in which local high school students provide one-on-one academic tutoring, primarily in math and science, to other local middle school and high school students. Members of this club sign up to tutor on one of the assigned dates. Transportation is provided by the school and students return to school by 5:00PM.