Clubs & Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in at least one activity outside of the classroom. They may choose from a variety of offerings listed below. The clubs meet during a flex period or after school twice a month. There are 40 club activities from which US students may choose that provide them with opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and personal development. Many of our clubs have long associations with the School, while others reflect the interests of students who choose to form a new club.

To establish a new club, please download the New Club Proposal Form and send to Cathy Mishkin at

The following clubs and activities are offered, divided into four distinct categories:


King Tour Guides/Ambassadors

The purpose of this student organization is varied. First and foremost, members are responsible for marketing the School authentically to the greater community. Members give tours of the Upper School during available free periods to prospective students and parents who are interested in learning more about the School. They are also hosts to prospective students who visit for a day as part of the application process. Members are also important volunteers during Open Houses, serving as student-panelists and tour guides, in addition to assisting the Admission Office in its efforts during the year. In the spring, members serve as hosts for accepted candidates who are offered an opportunity to spend a day at King before they decide to enroll.


The purpose of Milestone is to provide a forum for discussion for MS and US students who self-identify as students of color and to train US students to mentor MS and LS students throughout the school year. Milestone has a four-prong approach:

  • Develop age-appropriate ownership and leadership in the dialogue about diversity.
  • Facilitate community building.
  • Create “safe spaces” for conversations.
  • Build positive racial identities.

Meetings are designed to foster relationships between students of color across all three divisions and to inform program administrators of various needs in our programming, curriculum, and community- building structures. Discussion groups typically occur on Fridays, after school hours. Mentors meet with their mentees throughout the school day, at mutually agreeable times.

Student Activities

The purpose of this club is to inject more school spirit into the community through sales of super fan shirts, candy canes, and roses. This club will organize holiday and school related events to bring the community together.

Student Council

The purpose of this student organization is to represent the interests and activities of the student body and to create a liaison with Faculty and Administration. The Council seeks to promote a positive school culture and school spirit through a variety of initiatives and offers important leadership opportunities.

Publication and Multimedia Groups

Independent Filmmakers

The purpose of this club is to learn the art of filmmaking and to make films.

Creative Ink

The purpose of this student organization is to create an environment in which students have the freedom and support to write and present their own poetry, short stories, vignettes, and even chapters of developing novels to their peers each week. After receiving constructive criticism from club members, students are encouraged to rewrite and then submit their work to the club’s publication, “Ink,” that is published once per year. This club ultimately aims to tap into and expand the School’s literary community.


The purpose of this all-school student publication is to provide an annual record of the people and events which comprise the King experience. Students participate in all aspects of the production of the yearbook, including deciding upon and developing a theme, coordinating the taking and placement of photographs, laying out pages, and participating in the proofing and editing process. “Kaleidoscope” is distributed at the end of each academic year.

Enrichment Groups

3 Cubed

The goal is for students to enter different national computer science competitions.

Faculty Advisor: TBD

Art Club

The Art Club provides an opportunity for students to use the art facilities and supplies to create their own artworks. Supervision and instruction are available as students work independently on projects of their own design. At the end of the school year, Art Club members display their work in the mezzanine gallery for all to enjoy.

Faculty Advisor: Ran LaPolla

Chinese Club

The purpose of this student organization is to help students at King further comprehend what human and cultural diversity entail, consistent with the School’s mission to “embrace human and cultural diversity.”

Faculty Advisor: Ihui Li

Debate Club

The purpose of this student organization is to promote poise and confidence in public speaking; to develop capacity for logical construction and presentation of arguments; and to foster the skill of ad hoc rebuttal. The club participates regularly in debate tournaments in the area, held by the Connecticut Association of Schools.

Faculty Advisor: Ian Lear-Nickum

Environmental Club

The purpose of this student organization is to inform and educate the school community about the environment, with heavy emphasis on global warming, and to take action to help the local and global environment. The club seeks to have an activist orientation.

Faculty Advisor: Nicholas Defelice

French Club

The purpose of this student organization is to improve students’ oral skills in French with topics not related to academics, in a more informal setting.

Faculty Advisor: Madame Donovan

Math Teacher Assistants Club

The Math Teacher Assistants Club is a distinguished group of King students, altruistic and knowledgeable, who are dedicated to helping students learn Mathematics.

The primary goal of the club is to help Middle School and Upper School underclassmen improve their Math skills and to show the importance and beauty of Mathematics.

The Math faculty invites students who possess very strong Mathematics skills and love for the subject to join the club.

The club will meet at least twice a week after school.

Captains are chosen by the Teacher-Advisor.

Faculty Advisors: Victoria Khiznichenko, Sara O'Toole

Math Team

The Math Team is a group of students whose knowledge and love for Mathematics is outstanding. The students compete with 25 Fairfield County schools six times per year. Prior to attending meets, students must complete at least 48 problems in a packet handed out by the Math Team coaches. They also must take a short quiz, which will assess their preparedness for attending the meet.

Faculty Advisors: Victoria Khiznichenko, Sara O'Toole

Model UN Club

The purpose of this student organization is to promote student understanding of international issues and relations; to promote understanding of the role and procedures of the United Nations; to foster public speaking and negotiating skills; to enable motivated students to experience contact, and to measure themselves in interaction with able and motivated college preparatory students from around the nation and the world. The club traditionally participates in the Harvard and Brown Model UN conferences, held annually in Boston and Rhode Island, respectively.

Faculty Advisor: Christos Galanopoulos

Project Music

The purpose of this club is to spend time with children in the underserved community teaching them how to play instruments.

Faculty Advisor: Garrett Mendez

Project Vote Smart

Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan, educational organization dedicated to the essential democratic principle of being informed about political candidates and elected officials. The club at King finds this essential information from the organization and through further research, and raises school awareness of who the political candidates and elected officials are. The club provides information about candidates for election in a non- partisan way, under the mission that democracy, by its nature, works only in an educated public.

Faculty Advisor: Christos Galanopoulos


The purpose of Spectrum is to combat homophobia through raising awareness and promoting acceptance with an overall goal of creating a safe environment for diversity in our school community.

Faculty Advisors: Connie Nichols


The purpose of the STEAM team is to bring girls together to learn about S.T.E.A.M disciplines that are key drivers to innovation, and allow these girls to interact with businesses and people who have entered these careers.

Faculty Advisor: Riddhi Shah


The purpose of this club is to promote STEM within the School. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively.

Faculty Advisor: Tom Castonguay

Young Republican's Club

The purpose of the Young Republican’s Club is to allow King students to become involved in our local Republican party, gain valuable experience in the campaign and election process, as well as become educated and/or have the opportunity to share their opinions on current political issues.

Faculty Advisor: TBD

Service Learning


The purpose of this student organization is to enhance education and empower youth in the United States to make a positive difference in their communities while helping people of developing countries increase their self-reliance through education. BuildOn achieves its mission thanks to a team of many dedicated student and adult volunteers, project coordinators, teachers, and buildOn staff who commit themselves to learning about others and themselves through cultural education, community service activities, and sponsorship events. Students are required to participate in community service activities every month. This club is open to students in all grades.

Faculty Advisor: Cathy Mishkin


The purpose of this student organization is to combine the spirit of a design/building competition with a unique way to help feed the hungry. Competing teams, led by architects and engineers, showcase their talents by designing giant sculptures made entirely of canned foods. At the close of the exhibitions, all of the food used in the structures is donated to local food banks for distribution to pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, elderly and day care centers. This club is open to all grades, and is a great way to combine a love of architecture, math, and design with community service.

Faculty Advisor: Cathy Mishkin

HOPE (Helping Other People Excel)

The purpose of this student organization is to participate in community service opportunities within and beyond our community. HOPE completes service projects in which members participate and encourage non-members to come in order to experience the benefits of helping others. To receive credit for participating in the club, students must attend at least three of the monthly projects during the year, and bring at least one non-member to a community service opportunity.

Faculty Advisor: Cathy Mishkin

KSPCA (King's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

The purpose of this club is to help animals who do not have forever homes and to raise awareness about the number of animals who need forever homes. We also will collect materials and money for local shelters and for animals who do not have forever homes.

Faculty Advisors: Leslie Bruzik

My Sister's Place

My Sisters’ Place is a national organization committed to ending homelessness by empowering women, families and others to achieve independence and stability in their community by providing housing and supportive services. At King we hope to raise awareness about domestic violence and make some presentations to the school about this issue. We will volunteer at events sponsored by the national organization and possibly collaborate with the New York Giants who also support this organization.

Faculty Advisor: Cathy Mishkin

NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

The purpose of the student organization is to participate in a service trip to New Orleans held in February 2015 and to provide ongoing support to the children in the St. Anna’s Arts for Kids after-school program. In addition to planning for the trip, the club holds a book drive for St. Anna’s and also collects school supplies.

Faculty Advisor: Jenna Temple

Relay For Life

The purpose of this club is to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay For Life event in June. We will form a Relay For Life Team that will participate in the event as well as fundraise, plan, and overall support the cause in any way we can.

Faculty Advisor: Patrick O'Neil

Rwanda Service Club

The purpose of this student organization is to provide its members with an opportunity for community service abroad by forging an alliance with one or two needy orphanages in Rwanda. Members seek to derive greater knowledge of a small country in central Africa and, at the same time, through their actions and activities, acquire the tools and skills necessary for effective service to their communities (local, national, and global) when they take their place in the adult world.

Faculty Advisor: TBD


The purpose of this club is to better understand children’s conditions around the world.

Faculty Advisor: Jenna Temple