Innovation Lab

To provide students a place to CREATE, DISCOVER, DESIGN, ENGINEER, and BUILD.

The new Innovation Lab will provide Middle and Upper School students the tools, space, and guidance to inspire and nurture discovery and tinkering. Through real-time critical thinking and trial-and-error activities, students will learn to design solutions to real world problems. The Innovation Lab expands upon other campus hubs for discovering and creating, including the Lower School new Makerspace, the Computer Science Media Center, Computer Labs, Science Labs, Recording Studio, Scene Shop, and Craft Room.

The Innovation Lab, opening in Fall 2018, will be flexible, with movable equipment and furniture, so students can customize their experience and challenge themselves to achieve their personal best. It will be available to students to work independently and collaboratively for classwork, robotics and STEM competitions, and extra-curricular activities from any discipline.

The Innovation Lab includeS:

  • 1,060 square foot space plus a new 600 square foot classroom above half the Lab
  • 20 foot high ceiling for tall projects and flying machines
  • Connection to adjoining classroom to allow for runway space
  • High tech tools and resources, including: robotics table, 3D printers, laser cutter, soldering and electronic diagnostic tools, power tools, hand tools, computer controlled router and engraver machine, high capacity server, and digital sewing machine

Thank you to all the donors in the King Community who share our vision and made it possible to build the $1.4MM Innovation Lab that will enable students to explore any discipline and let their imagination and creativity soar!

King StudentS Love Stem!

3D printing & rocketry lead to 'aha' moment

Spencer Creveling '20

“I started the 3D printing club because I like to see people follow their dreams and create what they want.”